Tuesday, August 3, 2010

R & R at Lake Eufaula

We returned yesterday evening from our long weekend at the lake.  For the last couple years, J has been itching to take his boat to a lake somewhere to play on the water as our vacation.  I advised him, kindly, that IF our vacation was to be a camping trip--I would only be camping in some type of accomodation that included at least 4 solid wood walls.  So it would be.  He started combing the internet in January--and found a great lake house for rent by February.  It was located at Lake Eufaula in eastern Oklahoma.  It had 4 bedrooms and baths (including a whirlpool tub--which was a huge hit!) and a full kitchen--as well as a private boat dock--the best of both worlds.
We spent multiple hours in the water--wakeboarding. .
exploring the HUGE lake by boat (it is the largest manmade lake in Oklahoma--and after 3 full days we only saw a miniscule portion of it!!). .
discovering the white sandy beaches. .
working up new tricks. .
lounging in the sun. .
swimming. .
skiing. .
relaxing. .
more skiing. .
eating, napping, movie watching, coffee drinking, nature observing. .oh. .and a little fishin'.
We LOVED being able to fix quick meals in the house or on the grill instead of having to clean up and load up to find a restaurant somewhere.  That being said--we did enjoy some meals out--and feasted on fried catfish, frog legs (Grant's choice!!) and fried green tomatos on our first night there--as well as Braums ice cream on our last night.
It was a fun opportunity to get away and make some memories!! The vote that occurred on the way home ruled that this will be something that we will look forward to every year--since Grant and I got out-voted (we both prefer the mountains!!)
We returned home to find that Kansas is just as hot as Oklahoma--it was a steamy 109 when we pulled in last night--and had been 102 in Ok--with a heat index of 109! The garden lives on--thanks to Granny and her hard work!!  As always, it was good to get away--but even better to get home--and I enjoyed my warmish tour around the wilting gardens last night!!  This week--trying to get kids back into a bedtime routine before school starts next Wednesday!! Stay cool!!


  1. Sounds like you had a good time. J looked pretty pink in that picture of him and C swimming. I can't believe you start school next week already. We start 2 weeks from today.


  2. Wow, looks like you had a great time! Oh yes ... *Braum's ice cream.* :)

  3. We've stayed a few places like that on our travels. So much better than a hotel room, and often it is cheaper or at least the same price. Looks like you all had a blast.

  4. WOW!! Looks like lots of fun!! Dan has got me talked into going to Lake of the Ozarks next year for vacation, so you'll have to share any tips or advice. (I don't know why, but going to a lake seems so...boring. The men are pumped though.)
    I'm behind on blogging. =-(

  5. I LOVE lake vacations! It looks like a good time. I have yet to encounter one student ready for school to start when they come to enroll. However, lots of parents say they are ready, LOL!