Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back To School

Tristan--8th grader--likes sports and girls--could give or take the rest--mostly give!
Grant--7th grader--very competitive, loves sports, wants to be the best at everything.
Devin--2nd grade--excited to be there, loves his teacher, girls are gross. . .
and with a t-shirt like this, need I say more??
Today was the day!! It seems like just yesterday that we were wrapping up school from last year!! It was 106 on my drive home from work tonight--too hot for back to school season!
They were excited and chatty this morning.  Everyone was up early, no fussing to get dressed and eat breakfast. . .I wish I could bottle first day of school excitement to use later in the school year after the "new and exciting" part has worn off!!
The older boys both had assignments for social studies to find 10 important events that have occurred in their lives and the dates.  Out came the scrapbooks and baby books.  While they were searching things out, Jeremy and I started thumbing through them too.  I was reminded that. . .I used to look young. .He used to have hair. .our kids were SOOOO much cuter than they are now. .the outside of my house was ATROCIOUS. .we have been camping at Canton Lake (our weekend destination)  for the last 13 years. .it DOES snow here. .and that we have done a LOT of fishin'!!
They were excited to see that bus at 7:28 this morning. .and Cami didn't even cry this year. You may recall her pitiful face from last August!!
Football starts on Monday.  I am glad to report that the weather station is calling for highs in the upper 80's to lower 90's starting on Sunday!! YAY!! 
Time marches on, and fall is a'comin'!!


  1. I can't belive your kids started school today. Wow. Is that earlier than normal?

    Love the commentary on the boys!

  2. They started a four day school week last year--and they start about a week earlier and go a week later than they used to. YUCK!

  3. I think the newest has already worn off here at my house. BLAH. Not as easy to get ME OR THE KIDS up this morning.

  4. When you mentioned Cami's face from last year, I can remember it well. Seems like it couldn't possibly have been a year ago.


  5. Don't let your boys read this, but I hated the first day of school- just dreaded it every year. Didn't like school at all. Glad to see they are not like me, and are eager to go.

  6. Time already? Crazy. I like the idea of four-day though. My boys start in two weeks but I doubt the weather will be any less dreadful by then. Love the t-shirt. I so need one like that for Ben!

  7. Glad the school year is starting good for you all! That 106 sounds TERRIBLE HOT. Yes, we're looking for that same "cool snap" (LOL) down here too!