Saturday, August 21, 2010

Man Vs. Wasp

Some of the peaches are ready to go.  Jeremy directed everyone outside a couple nights ago to salvage all of the peaches from these. . .WASPS!!   Apparantly, they like peaches too, so it was TOTALLY Man VS. Wasp at this homestead!!  Man-- score. . .wasp--zero!!
So, we had the pickers. . .
and the tasters. . though the ones in the little buggy didn't eat much. .the other two ate nearly twice their body weight in peaches.
We picked probably half of the peaches and they are now sitting in walmart sacks all over my kitchen floor, which really un-nerves me!!  I googled freezing peaches whole this afternoon, and found that at least one person has had good luck with that. . and claims that I will never freeze a peach any other way again!! Hope she's right.  I picked through the peaches and took the nicely ripened ones and froze them like she said.  I found the reference on a taste of home website--and pasted it here for my future reference, and possibly yours!!
I did get my cucumber relish done the other day, along with a few dill pickles (I located small pickling cukes at the very bottom of one of those big buckets) and some okra and peppers.  I am on strike from any produce work this weekend, except for the a-forementioned freezing of a sack of ripe peaches.  Cindy, Grandma wrote out some recipes for me today including 2 types of pear honey, pear butter, and pear preserves--so I am excited to try the honey--that has totally intrigued me!!
So instead of working, we went skiing yesterday afternoon and fishing last night and this morning, catching enough to grill for lunch!!  And as if my neck didn't hurt enough from the jolt it got yesterday as I drank water through my nose, after it made a complete cycle through my sinuses and quite possibly the inside of my skull--we are camping out in the yard tonight by the fire pit while devouring smore's like there's no tomorrow!!
Hey, summer will be gone before we know it. .time to soak it up!! Enjoy!

How to freeze peaches!
Let whole, unblemished peaches ripen - dead ripe. (I did not wash first)
2. Arrange whole peaches on a cookie sheet and place in freezer.
3. After peaches have frozen solid; place them in a plastic bag.
4. When you are ready to use, removed the desired number of peaches from the bag, run cold water over frozen peach and slip off the skin.
5. Microwave for 10 to 15 seconds.
6. Slice peaches to use as you desire for cereal toppings, pies or cobbler, ice cream, or simply slice them, add a little sugar if needed and enjoy.

Peaches frozen this way taste just like peaches picked fresh from the tree. IF IN DOUBT, TRY A FEW! You will never freeze peaches any other way again.


  1. Oh, yum. I am so glad you were able to save your peaches! I admire you so much for the effort you put into your garden and your harvest! No matter the desire, it seems to elude me every year. I don't know how you do it!

  2. I am betting you'll love the pear honey. Absolutely no resemblance to the taste of pear, nor the texture. One of my kids favorites that their Granny Ada made each summer. The boys were guaranteed a quart or 2 of pear honey as Christmas gifts from her each year. They came to EXPECT that, & didn't want anything else. You'll have your boys wanting to pick more pears next year. And, the pears that are kind of hard, don't ripen real well make up good honey.

  3. The peach plan sounds good! If I find myself with an abundance of peaches, I will try the whole frozen peach trick too.

  4. That sounds good about freezing the peaches whole. Fresh peaches are great!!