Monday, August 30, 2010

You Might Be. . .

the mother of 4 children. . .

a cooking leader. . .

a fanatical canning machine. . .

or you might just be PLAIN CRAZY

when you can go through 14 pounds of sugar in one single day. . .

and have to start buying your sugar in bags like this

. . .AND be able to use more than 3 sacks of each in a year!!

I opt for Crazy!!


  1. Only the coolest of the coolest have to use a fork lift to load their flour and sugar for the month. ;-)
    Thanks for a great day Saturday!

  2. Back in my day of raising teenage boys, I bought flour in 50# sacks; potatoes in 100# gunny sacks to be used after my canned potatoes ran out. Always had a tupperware-type cannister that held 25# sugar, & another in the pantry. Bought chickens(whole) by the case when they came on sale (29 cents/lb). Those days of canning, hauling meals to the field, huge garden, etc...takes a loving crazy mom to do those things that you are doing. Raising your kids on wholesome food, the satisfaction of a pantry full of beautiful foods, and the mental workout involved with constant planning ahead! Can't be beat! And, by the way, I DON'T miss those work days! Miss the foods that I made, but not enough to revert to gardening again.

  3. Mom has 4 of us boys. We ate well. Oh the stories she could tell! No wonder she has osteo arthritis. We went through 2 fat steers a year along with all the other great stuff out of the garden. Dale

  4. I can tell from the bag of sugar fall is nearly here. Have fun canning and cooking. Kids don't stay small very long.

  5. LOL! 25 pounds of sugar. I can see that usage would go up during canning season. I finally made my plum jelly last night(it turned out fine btw), and it used 7 cups!