Monday, July 26, 2010

The Deck Unveiling

Do you remember a few short weeks ago when my deck was looking like this??
A little disorganized and in some disrepair?
The repairs have all been made and we enjoyed being able to put Grant's table and bench out there last weekend.  I'd like to put a rock path out to the greenhouse--you can see it in the background-- from these steps (mostly because I would like a rock path to go there from anywhere--and this is the shortest route :-)
We kept the padded chairs to our old table set--mostly because they are so comfortable to lounge in.  We are loving the table, and christened it with lunch 'al fresca' on Saturday.  We love to dine "out," and surprisingly, the weather was not too warm with very little wind!
The chiminea got moved to the other section of the deck.  We love the look, but not too easy for more than 2 people to roast marshmallows in at a time.  It also doesn't put out much heat!!  I would love to get one of those tall heaters that puts out heat (infared?) to use in the winter.  They had them in San Diego on all the restaurant decks.  I believe that I have seen them in Lowes--but have never been scouting for one for my own personal use--If anyone has any info on them, leave a comment!
We also still love the chairs that we built last summer--they are not SO comfortable--but they work and they just look so darn cool (of course I'm biased!)
Apparently, grasshoppers like palm trees as much as hollyhock plants, but I think they have finally given this one a little reprieve!
We enjoyed 1/2 inch of rain yesterday, and spent an hour just sitting around the new table watching it drip! Dev went on all weekend about being ready to go back to school--and it is only 2 weeks away!! Is that possible.  I guess it must be! Hoping to do some school shopping next weekend!! Please say a prayer for the families of the Eagle Med Flight team that went down in Oklahoma last week--they have a tough week of funerals and memorials!  It sure brought back a flood of memories to our hospital family in our loss of a nurse several years ago in a similar plane crash!! Wishing everyone a great week!!


  1. The deck looks AMAZING!!! I would probably pay some good money to have a table like that built for me...I dream about one for my backyard. And right now I am thinking that 2 weeks is not NEAR enough time to get things ready at school for all the students to come back. Where did the summer go? I have spent much time since that crash in OKthinking about that particular nurse and how much I miss her! Many prayers for all the families in OK.

  2. The deck looks fab!! Grants table looks perfect out there!

  3. Your deck looks so inviting with the new arrangement and the table...I can just see a feast going on there. I hadn't noticed your colorful adirondack chairs before. They are fun. Are cushions of some nature possible on those to help with the comfort? You'll definetely need a rock path to the greenhouse. It would be perfect.

    Prayers being sent to the families who lost someone in the Eagle Med crash. The crews on those flights are amazing. I had to use their services once and was impressed with the whole thing even in my drug induced state at the time. They provide an invaluable service to many who live in rural areas and need access to trama centers. May guardian angels fly with them each time.

  4. Sara--I vividly remember that the day we were building that deck, was the weekend that you guys were moving out of the house next door. I was hot and frustrated that all power equipment seems to be made for men!! I was so sick of that power screwdriver skipping off of the screws and onto the deck!! Ha--our marriage has survived alot!! GonSS--I was actually thinking about cushions the other day--but I'm not crafty like that, and not sure that I could find some that would work into the color scheme--more the discomfort comes from my bony back hitting just right on the seat back. Oh well, I can scrunch up in it good enough to make do!! Thanks for the idea!

  5. The deck looks great - love the furniture!

  6. When we heard about that accident down here, it immediately reminded us of the one that happened up there that time. Such a sad thing.

    But hey - I love the table and bench Grant made! He did a great job! Your deck looks like a place a person just wants to sit and relax and watch the world go by. :) (That would be the highway? LOL) Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  7. Hey-- was just thinking about you so thought I'd drop by. Hope your having a great time at the lake!

  8. Your deck looks AWESOME! What a labor of love. Those chairs are to die for! I just love before and afters. :)