Monday, July 12, 2010

The Exxxxxxx-Terminators

Who:  These two ruthless, sinister dudes (and dudettes)
The mission:  To save this pumpkin patch
The enemy: These vicious, no good for nothing creatures. . .
Alias: the SQUASH bug
Let's get ready to RUUUUUUUMMMMBBBLLE!!!
Flip the leaves, identify the enemy.  Catch him with the bug tongs.  Oh brother, BUG TONGS???!!  Or squish him, plain and simple, IF you have gloves on.  Take the bugs, their children, and their EGGS--leaving NOOOOO survivors!
After you catch 'em with the bug tongs. . place 'em into the prisoner of war cell to think about what they have done and what is yet to come. 
The reward:  These little punkins' will live to see another day and hopefully more will follow in their footsteps!!
Yeah, whatever. . .the reward?? 10 cents a bug. . .DEAD OR ALIVE.  (seriously--I knew that their stamina was questionable--but they still ripped me out of $4!)
"Oh thank you, thank you , You noble bug-catching people!! Whatever can we do to repay you?"
"It was our pleasure. . we'll see YOU again next Halloween!"


  1. You have a squash bug hunting crew!
    Bug tongs--I need those. :-)
    I take no prisoners. Squash 'em all!!
    Hope you get tons of pumpkins.

  2. Those are the cutest exterminators I've ever seen!! =)

  3. How cute! Such a cute pair! I can't believe you actually found bug tongs! My mom didn't treat me near so good. All she gave me was a can of kerosene to throw them into!

  4. Enjoyed this post! Looks like they did a great job. :) Made me think of Dad telling how he and his brothers, as kids, got sent to the garden to knock bugs off of plants with sticks into cans with a little kerosene in the bottom. I think the "tongs and cage" thing would be a little "better" to do! LOL Have a great time with the fair!

  5. Ah, Cindy, I just read your comment about a can of kerosene! LOL

  6. Oh how cute. Go get 'em you pint sized exterminators.