Friday, July 9, 2010

Corner Garden Re-visited

The new garden that went next to the retaining wall this past spring continues to grow and flourish.  The best part is that I spent very little money on the flowers that went in there, and they are exciting me every day now with their vibrant colors, bug attracting qualities, and fragrance (from the existing second season butterfly bushes). 
You might remember that at the end of May, it looked a little bit empty.
These were the small transplanted plants from the existing gardens and the two smallish, scraggly looking butterfly bushes.  What you can't see are the several cheap packets of seeds that are germinating among the mulched bed.
Last month things were a little greener.  The red-twigged dogwoods and the goldenrod plants are getting bigger and the butterfly bushes are green and growing too.
The first blooms here were the orange/red snapdragons.
You can see how well everything is filling in the garden.  All of the plants I transplanted survived, and gave me ideas about transplanting some more things next season in some other needy spots. 
The zinnias and sunflowers have grown, filled in lots of bare ground, and are blooming well.  I had planted zinnias in white, hot pink, and purple.  The blooms are holding very well in vases too--believe I will have to use them again next year.  I have always wanted to have a sunflower patch with a big variety of different sunflowers--and now I am encouraged to find a spot for them.  Until now, I have NEVER had luck with them--despite how easy they are supposed to be to grow. 

The fact that the golden rod is getting ready to bloom is a reminder to me that the summer is half over!!  It seems a little early to me--but apparently it thinks otherwise!!
We are seeing lots of little creatures like the one above.  Plenty of butterflies and bumble bees around.  I do not seem to be having the grasshopper problem that my neighbors are having.  I have some grasshoppers that have eaten the hollyhock leaves and some of the chard.  But that is really about it.  I am wondering if our current bird population is taking care of the rest.  I'm not complaining. . just curious.

The last two nights have been very blissful--cool with only the slightest breeze.  And since the rain earlier this week, the blooms are all the more vibrant.  Today found the kids and I lounging at the pool--it's the first time Cami has been to our pool this summer--and only the second for the boys! Pathetic, I know.  I also know that if I don't quit taste testing our fair entries. .that I will have to buy a new swimsuit!! 
Wishing everyone a lazy summer weekend!


  1. The katydid on your red sunflower at the end is stunning. The whole bed is filling in well. Isn't it amazing what a little time and planning can do? I think the birds are definetely helping keep the hoppers down. Do you have birdbaths in your gardens? When I added one by my vegetables, I noticed the robins working amongst the plants. Robins love birdbaths and bugs! Enjoy your flowers and the weekend.

  2. I really enjoy your plant and flower pictures. :) Thanks so much for sharing them. Beautiful! LOL about "taste testing for the fair!"

  3. Love the stone edging, and the red sunflower is perfecto.

  4. Oh!! It's looking BEAUTIFUL! I've haven't stopped by for a while. I'm so glad I did. (Brought back memories of my 4-H days, too!) Oh, boy, do I remember those late night baking sessions day before the fair. And sewing aprons. ;)