Saturday, July 17, 2010

You Might Be a Redneck. . .

. . .If the main attraction at your son's 14th birthday party is a skeet shoot!
But that's just how we roll out here in RURAL southern Kansas!!
We were able to get a couple of his friends together for a sleepover last night.  Apparently, my husband shops like I do (or he has been taking notes from my shopping habits and has started mocking me!) The other day I went out to the shop for a minute and found Grant working on putting this little treasure together. 
It is a battery operated skeet launcher. HMMMM! When I raised my eyebrow, J just did his little red-faced smirky grin and said "It was on SALE!! 1/2 off!! I HAD to!" Last night was the christening of the device, and it is kinda cool!

First you load it up with the skeet.  These are biodegradable.

Next you step on the foot pedal, which releases the skeet. .that was D's job.

Ready, aim, FIRE!!

The boys had a great time shooting!
They even let mama try when they got the pistol out.  They had different targets for this.  But, the pistol is loud, even when you cover your ears. .so Cami and I went looking for other things to do. .
First we watched the bumble bees and butterflies on the blue mist spirea. .This one was a little different looking than the little fat yellow and black ones we have.
Then we spotted this coneflower had opened.  It is in my new garden next to the deck--It is called tomato soup.  And it is even prettier in real life!! I still have two light colored coneflowers to open!
Then we jumped until it was time to go in!

Today the boys have just been BUSY!! They have spent the entire day outside, despite the triple digit temps.  Cami woke up with the stomach flu, but seems to be better now.  We have watched Toy Story. .TWICE, Toy Story 2, every episode of Dora we have on our DVR (which is about 6 episodes), and showered 3 times.  I even got in a couple of shows on Food network before she cared enough to complain!  She is ususually a better "sick" kid than this--I don't think she knows her stomach is coming up until it does!  Fortunately, the stomach flu also hit one of Tristan's overnight friends' house--so we just kept him here all day-figuring he would be exposed in one house or the other!  I finally got away from Cami long enough to get through some laundry, bake some zucchini bread, and blog a bit! 
Weather channel says more HOOOOOT weather this week.  Remember to drink lots and wear your sunscreen! Stay cool everyone!


  1. Biodegradable skeet. That's great. I didn't know they made them that way now. My husband got paid in high school to load the old clay kind for a guy who had his own skeet shooting range. Not the safest place to be in the box.
    The tomato soup cone flower is bright. I love it. I'm contemplating an all red bed somewhere.
    Stay somewhere cool!!

  2. Hope Little C is better. Thinking about setting a Lysol bomb off in my house! haha
    I got a lot of grief from G tonight about not doing cotton candy this year. His last words to me where: We WILL do it again next year, right?? =)

  3. Sounds like T had a good party even if it was a touch redneck. :) Hope C is feeling better and that no one else gets it.


  4. Ick. Sorry about that stomach flu.
    I think my boys would be thrilled with the skeet shooter. It's probably just a matter of time before we get our own. I like shooting, but I like my targets to sit still. I'll have to learn. :)

  5. Love the skeet-slinger, and I'd never heard of biodegradable skeet before! And, beautiful flowers. :)

    I sure hope your daughter is feeling better! Being sick in the summer seems especially lousy.

  6. And, I hope your son had a great birthday! :)