Friday, July 23, 2010

Too Hot!!

In between our multiple activities this last week, I haven't had much of a chance to write.  The week found us: Finishing up fair activities, a wedding, visiting with the cousins here from Houston, 5 out of 6 of us down with the stomach flu, spending extra time with Grandma as she made the decision to put Grandpa into the nursing home, drum lessons in Wichita and record time shopping, work, battling with a dishwasher that just needs a solid boot kick out an open door, canning up a few peppers and some okra pickles, LAUNDRY, as much garden work as could be done in the reasonably cool hours (which amounted to very little!!), and child duties.  I feel like I've been hit by a train.  So instead of being a mature adult, and cleaning my kitchen that appears as a tornado casulity--I sit at my computer--under the pretense of cleaning off the desk as my cousin pictures load--and unwind.  I reason that it is TOO hot to work--even indoors! It has been a chilly 100-106 here all week.  My garden is about to make me cry--even with waterings, it looks so pathetic and now grasshopper-ravished--that it just makes my stomach hurt!  We are SOOOOO hoping for some rain out of the 40% chance they have us under!! 
Joe and Lisa made it in from Houston last Thursday--and Dev bugged me until I finally took the two small ones over to Granny's that day for an hour to play!! We also met up for the annual pizza and fireworks night--which is when the photos were taken.  Cami had already been sick and well for 1 1/2 days by then, but no one else got sick until the day AFTER pizza--so we are sure hoping that none of them ever got it!
The kids enjoyed letting off Granny's fireworks and crackers--and no casualties--which is always good!! I
think that their favorites are always the parachuters! The wind was really blowing and they had to RUUUUUUUNNN to catch those little dudes.  Even Cami was running as fast as she could in her Hannah Montana sparkly flip flops to catch them!!  Serious stuff, those parachutes are!!
Emma and Keith are getting so big--and I'm sure our kids look big to them each year too!! We are hoping for our spring breaks to match up next year so we can take a vacation to visit them in Houston.  The kids have never been there--so we would like to take them, and spring is a little more temperate than summer.  Also, San Antonio is somewhere between 2-3 hours from them--and they have never been to Sea World either--so that will be on the agenda too!! 

This morning the little guys and I went over to Grandma's to pick some more rhubarb and dill from her garden, as well as to provide a little company.  We came home with boysenerries, concord grapes, green beans, new potatoes, and some cucumbers--in addition to the dill and rhubarb!!  Now that my desk is cleaned off, and I am feeling terribly guilty about loungin'--I am off to clean up and get the produce cleaned and put away.  We have J's class reunion tonight (a year early--I know--but they wanted to have it in conjunction with the class ahead of his too) so I need to prepare some food for that too.  Praying for some drops of God's water!!  And something big and mean to eat the grasshoppers and stinking squash bugs!!


  1. Sounds like lots of things going on. :) I sure hope everyone is feeling better, and can stay as cool as you can.

    Uhhh ... about sitting at the computer while a "disaster kitchen" waits patiently for some attention??? *I'm raising my hand here ...* LOL!

  2. I hope the rain makes it to you before it all falls apart!!!

    So much going on...the life of a family full of love. Hope everyone is feeling better and has a cool place to be!

  3. So glad you all where there tonight! Thanks again...a million times....for the blue ball book. Who would have thought that book would be so hard to get my hands on! =) I *THINK* we'll see you tomorrow at the lake. Apparently, the JR men have made some..ahem...plans.

  4. Ugh, I hate how your garden is suffering! Wish I could send over some rain for you. I cannot believe how many activities you listed on your post - you must be exhausted! Hope you get some R&R....and R (rain)...soon.

  5. I just love all the pictures, the kids are growing so much. Cami's purple shirt is adorable! Dale