Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring is Sproutin

Well, we are on the downhill slide of this week. The boys were out of school Monday and Tuesday. G said on Wednesday "I don't know WHY we have to go to school today, there are only 3 days left, what can we possibly do in just 3 days?" They really needed to go back. Tho, I did enjoy some fun visits with my good friend and neighbor Jen after they finally broke loose from their house. She brought over a large bottle of wine that we sipped on while we enjoyed pizza with the families and good conversation. We sipped until that whole darn thing was empty, mmmmm strawberry zinfadel! We decided in our visit the next afternoon to take my burb loaded with the big kids and enough friends to fill it, to Wichita next weekend for the Rockin Worship Road Show. We are pumped! I'm sure it will be a noteworthy trip!

T's first track meet was cancelled Tues, so will hope next week will be better. He was unusually pleasant last night before supper and thru supper (a little odd). He was being so unusually pleasant and polite (he seemingly has developed a raunchy, know-it-all, "teenager" attitude) that I finally looked at him and said "who are you and where did my son go?" He, of course was caught off guard and said "I'M Tristan" with a very weird look on his face. My reply was, "No, Tristan is not this pleasant. Where did you come from and where did you send him?" He couldn't answer that, but finally said he was trying to "turn over a new leaf" Thank you GOD! Finally! I was more than a little disappointed to find Tristan home tonight! Anyway, he was still sort of trying to be better. Maybe he is growing up?

Maybe it was the barometric pressure or weather change or something? D was also fairly well behaved last night. Our clinic went so incredibly smooth today that I got home about 4:00 from the family planning clinic. I stopped by the house to brown some hamburger for our supper before I ran into town to get C from daycare and T from practice. Since D had been so good, I asked him what he would like for dessert. He secretively mouthed something about chocolate cake. No mixes were located, and hating to disappoint him, we pulled out a book and found a recipe from a 90 year old patient of mine. He needs a lot more practice at cracking eggs, and I am afraid that I will be finding some remnants of batter in weird places on my cabinetry for a long time yet, but the cake was SO yummy. The frosting was a quick caramel frosting with brown sugar, butter, and powdered sugar--out of this world!! I AM the bestest cook ever you know!!

Most of the snow is melted now, and the ground "smooshes" when you step on it. Not sure what it is about kids and water, but that was the only thing C wanted to see when we went out after supper. Unfortunately, I had left her nice little black shoes on, and looked up as the boys hollered "mom, Cami is jumping in the puddle!" AWWWW!

It appeared that our apple trees survived the weather. The grapes looked different than they did last week, so will see about those. So many things are waking up. I can hardly stand it! My Russian garden came today--that was my birthday present from J. It is supposed to go in the new bed we were putting in last week before the weather hit. It is raised the height of 2 railroad ties. But it has no dirt in it yet. Maybe this weekend. I ordered it from High Country Gardens--they specialize in hot, dry, windy gardening--I thought that was appropriate. The plants are unbelievably beautiful and strong! Can't wait to get them in the ground. I also recieved a box with several different shaggy, frilly petaled shasta daisy plants and some goldenrod plants--I read that butterflies and hummingbirds like those and they should add some fall color. Not sure where the daisies will actually go yet, but I just have a passion for those! The goldenrod will be placed on the east side of lawn in my attempt to create a living wall to cover the endless supply of dead and often ugly vehicles parked in the waiting room.

Looks like they took the rain out of the forecast for Saturday here, so hope to work outside a little. The boys and I are also signed up for a class from to build aidarondack chairs. They have posts and videos on line to help us beginners out. Hopefully the wood will be in tomorrow and we can start Saturday--there are 4 classes. The boys will take theirs to the fair, D and I will just sit in ours and relax!

Oh, by the way--thought you might be excited to know the kitchen remodel is FINALLY finished. We have waited slightly over a year now for J to nail (with a nail gun--hence the holdup--we could never get it to the house) the last piece of trim to the picture window. YEAH--my life is now complete! Hope everyone has a blessed and productive weekend!
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  1. Yum! Strawberry zinfandel? I've never tried that but it sound delish!

    How about you and the boys come over and work on my yard for awhile? I'll cook dinner. I'll even make a chocolate cake! ;o)

  2. Hey! I finally got to come visit your blog! You are a busy mom! I love that you're building adirondack chairs...I hope you post a photo when you're done. I've always wanted some of those - maybe someday! I gotta check out that Russian garden thing, can you link me to a good site for info?

  3. Yumm..that wine sounds pretty delish! Dan and I love trying diffrent wines. There are some pretty good ones out well as not so good ones! =-/*
    I am so ready to get things planted! Spring REALLY has to be here now, right?? I was so happy to see my boys get on that bus when they went back to school!
    I can't wait to see how the boys' chairs turn out!! I've been nagging oh so nicely to the boys (that includes D) about getting started on thier projects!! Its getting to be that time already.