Saturday, March 28, 2009


Madness, absolute madness for sure. Remember it IS nearly April! But, we survived the big blizzard! What a funny experience. The boys had a great time with it. Here's the pic of them working on their "snowboards."

They closed all our roads Friday night at 8:00, which meant, essentially, no one would be out working on them till morning. I was on call and was afraid I wouldn't be able to get in till late on Saturday if then, so a little before 8 I decided to head for the hospital to spend the night there. The roads weren't really bad then, as we hadn't had much snow. However, promptly as I turned in the parking lot I drove right thru a huge (Huger than I thought) drift and that was it for me. I got out, tried to shovel a bit, then huffed in to the building. There it sat all night long. So I messed on the computer for a while, till the new ceiling tiles in the hallway began to fall in with snow on them. OOPS. What a mess that turned out to be. Before the end of today, we lost several more tiles in there due to some leaking of something. I was glad to be snowed in at the hospital because they were short staffed for sure with the people who couldn't get in. So I was able to be of some assistance to them. The state crew called around 8 am and asked who they could pick up for us. So several staff members got to ride to work in the road graders. Funny. Finally early this afternoon a couple guys from the city crew helped get my car out. It was a beautiful afternoon really, warm weather, not much wind. The DON and I spent a couple hours after that shoveling out a few cars belonging to the stranded staff. The highway to my house was graded off by late afternoon, so I finally went home around 6 this evening. J took some pics this morning--BIG drifts. Below is the front of the house--I asked J if he turned off the waterfall last night, which he didn't. You could barely see it but enough to see the water still running underneath all that snow. YEAH! That thing ROCKS!

The boys had tracks everywhere. C wanted to get out and check things over. We put on some shoes and her coat and let her out. 15 minutes was about enough for her. She got so tickled when we threw snowballs at D. She even launched a couple herself. sorry Becky--we taught her to throw stuff at people! The level snow fall was as nearly as tall as her!

The boys used their snowboards to get down the drift from the decks down onto the lawn.

J spent the majority of his day digging out the driveway. Not sure how he will get all the dead cars out to work on, and he is sure that it will be 2 weeks before he can get his race car found--says there's at LEAST 9 feet of snow out there :-) He was hoping to go racing next weekend. Granny and Papa got here to get their cattle cared for, and it seems all is well there. Evidently this is the most snow anyone has seen here since "the blizzard of '71" We are just glad that the worst is over, everyone has been healthy and safe from accidents, and now we can FINALLY get on with spring. . . starting tomorrow!! M


  1. I think we've gotten caught up on the water situation now!

  2. Aww..she looks so cute out there in the snow! I can't get T to stop EATING it. ICK ICK ICK!
    Sure am happy to see that warm sun out today!