Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Camille and the 2 Little Pigs??

Once upon a time there was a baby girl. She grew so fast that her far away family didn't even recognize her when they saw her. In the long season between Christmas and the spring visit she grew two pigs (tails, that is) on her head. We certainly wanted to make sure you knew her when she got there! So her computer/internet/blogging savvy mom made a point to include an updated photo of the little damsel before her trip to the far away land later this month. Didn't want there to be any confusion! In the last 3 days, she looks so BIG and Grown-up?!? Trying to grow her hair out has necessitated "hair-do's" so the little thing can see! She now reaches up and grabs the pig and waits till I look at her then she smiles really big and pulls. She is already figuring out how to get under her mother's skin--and I truly believe that she enjoys it. Should I be concerned??


  1. Bwahahaha! Although C looks absolutely gawhhgous, I can tell her mom has only had boys to deal with before! ;o)

    She really is getting big isn't she? Geez, it happens too fast.

  2. Hey in my own defense...she moves. . .constantly--no earthly WAY I can possibly be expected to get the pigs even, straight, and parted exactly in the middle...is there?? If you have secrets, I would take them!

  3. Yeah I noticed that too...she's suddenly....big. I don't know when it happened!
    She looks awfully cute with piggies!! Well, we think she's just awfully cute PERIOD! ;-)

  4. I am so glad that you included a picture of little miss or I definitely wouldn't have recognized her in a week and a half when I get to see her. K