Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Confiscated Footage

T is a slob. The worst I have ever seen!! It was while cleaning his room that I found the dead goldfish among his books. It was while cleaning his room that I nearly peed my pants when I came across the "in theory" dead tarantula, when "in reality" he was in hibernation. His room is always, always has been, and likely, always will be a disaster zone. While watching him do some cleaning earlier this evening, I noticed the new camera he got for Christmas. He came over and showed me how to see the pictures on it. They weren't too bad, a few from Christmas and lots of his favorite subject, his sister. He also had a few "videos"on there. If you could stand the nausea from the constant movement, they were amusing. Now, everyone that knows me knows that I am proud of the fact that my children are SO intelligent (or maybe NOT so intelligent) so I know those of you that watch this short, occasionally nauseating clip will get a laugh out of how smart our daughter must be. And we had such high hopes for her! At one point I actually expected her tonsils to go shooting through the machine. Obviously, she thought it was funny! So now you all know what we do for entertainment at our house! Enjoy the video and have a blessed day! M (By the way, it took me 1 1/2 hours to blog this because I had to turn the computer desk, office desk, and the remaining part of T's room upside down to find the USB port to get the video uploaded to my computer, and there were no instructions to get the video, which wouldn't just upload by itself, AND I finally googled my question and found some genius who knew how to get the video off the camera (as a video and not just a captured photo) And so it actually only took 5 minutes to write and 5 minutes to get it off the camera. Will never remember how to do it again)

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  1. OMG..I laughed so hard I had Diet Coke come out my nose!!!!!