Friday, March 27, 2009

Mom, has Santa come yet?

"Mom, has Santa come yet?" That was the question my 6 year old asked me earlier today as we watched the yard turning white with the spring snow. I looked at him a few minutes and decided he was quite serious! Poor guy. I think we got him all lined out tho. The boys had a ball today. They spent the entire afternoon outside in the snow. We just haven't had much snow the last 2 years. T kept saying "Is this the most snow that we've ever had?" I'm sure it's not. It really came quite nicely, despite the fact that the weather stations were predicting such high winds today. I looked out to find they were using some old road signs that someone had given to J as snowboards. One was a stop sign and one was one of those rectangle bridge signs. It seemed that they worked pretty well! Anyway, they had a great time. They were in several times to guzzle hot chocolate. We didn't take C out in it. I went to work for a brief time this morning and the trip out to the car was enough for her, but we were getting pelted with sleet at a high rate of speed. The snow seemed much gentler this afternoon. We watched the birds at the feeder this afternoon. There were a couple of big, fluffy robins that kept coming to the waterfall for a drink. I'm sure they were wondering what happened to the nice weather.

We got our new apple trees the end of last week, so the boys dug holes while they were out of school Wednesday afternoon. We got those and the grape vines planted on the north side of the house before the weather started--the moisture will do them good. We also started on the new flower bed this week. J hauled home some old railroad ties and we got them formed up. All we need now is to fill with with the dirt and plants. The plants were supposed to be here this weekend, but didn't show up--hopefully they never got shipped vs. freezing solid in the back of someone's UPS truck! Our contractor came Tues to look about the sidewalk and J's concrete slab at the shop. We will need some dirt work on the east side of the yard where the walk will be. The shrubs I ordered to put in there came as well, so they are spaded into the garden and some in pots until I can get them in the ground. Next week looks like spring again--can't wait.

The boys are already planning their outdoor adventures for tomorrow! And the laundry WAS caught up! Maybe Jolly Old Saint Nick will do a load for me if he happens through the neighborhood tonight! I'll leave a request with his cookies. M


  1. That's funny...snow = Santa.

    When you are all done at your house..will you come work on mine? Please? Pretty please? I'll make the margaritas. ;o)

  2. Aww..Poor D! It looks more like December out there than March though!!
    We had a poor little robin that landed on the window of our front door today. Don't know how she perched on the little piece on there, but she stayed and looked inside for a few minutes before flying away. They must be just as confused as we are!!
    Hope you got home safe and sound!!