Monday, April 6, 2009

Boys and Their Toys

Well, J has become the internet shopper of the decade! He shops for lots of stuff. Mostly "guy" stuff--you know, tools, guns, cars, boats--and on and on. We bought an old boat when T was almost 1 (12 years ago). He has been working on it ever since. He has upgraded motors (traded out motors) re-upholstered it himself (the wide variety of skills he has never ceases to amaze me really!), put a radio in it too. For the last 2-3 years he has wanted to get a newer model. For the last several months he has browsed all kinds of places looking for "THE ONE!" He finally found a place in Plainville that had several he was interested in. The other catch was trying to find a place that would trade for his older model as well. Since the wind was supposed to be blowing (still) at 100 mph he decided to forego the races and he and G headed for Plainville. He hated the one he had gone to look at, and couldn't bring himself to purchase the more expensive one, so he finally decided on the boat between the two. He is such a funny shopper! Also, G thought this was the one they needed anyway--so if you ask him, HE picked out this boat. So they brought it home and then spent the next couple hours cleaning it up. It is a beautiful boat--and we are already excited to try it out, if the weather ever warms up!

J had his air buffer out to put the shine back on

T got to armor-all the seats and interior

Who's ready for skiing?


  1. Yay, this means the boys can go with you guys for skiing this summer?

    I'll mix the drinks and set up the BBQ!

  2. Looks like lots of fun!! I bet you guys are ready to get to the lake soon! I tried skiing once...(is that how you spell that? It looks weird!)...I swallowed half the lake, barfed,and had to be rescued. Very embarrassing! Later that day, I watched one of my friends lose her top and said I would NEVER EVER try again!

  3. We once saw a guy lose his pants--very amusing! J wanted to take it out tonight--HA