Sunday, April 19, 2009

Landscapers R Us

Maybe a better title would have been Trees, Chainsaws, and Cables, OH MY! Well, Must say that my long to-do list hasn't gone too well this weekend. I have spent most of it in my bed feeling puny. Maybe a little better this evening. . .maybe
We did get the chairs started yesterday morning, but I didn't do my part like I was planning. I did learn to use the jigsaw tho, and the boys, bless their hearts, got the subframe built for all four chairs.

Here's the guys busy measuring their boards

the complete subframes, so far so good!

This afternoon, however, a noise brought me straight out of my bed and to the window. It was that of a chainsaw--which is never a good noise here at this house!

notice the offending tree hooked to the winch, also notice the power lines

D was enjoying the chains hooked to the tree!

We had been discussing taking out a very ugly elm tree on the southeast corner of the yard, so I guess J, not having anything else to meddle with, decided to GIT 'R DONE. I walked out with C to notice that already one fork of the tree was lying on the ground. Now they (J, G, and D) were walking around surveying the site, figuring out the best option to get the tree down without a.) ruining my new flower bed, b.) knocking out the power line right next to it, and c.) ruining the vehicle tied to the tree. OH MY.

Well, once they got the winch truck moved into the pasture and the tree tied on, J got the chainsaw out, and within minutes the rest of the tree was history. It did land on my railroad ties knocking two of them out of line, but he got them pounded back together. D thought that was so fun, we should cut down some more trees! Maybe another day.

The fallen tree, which was quite hollow (might explain why it was so ugly) offered some entertainment for the boys

The spot looks much better now without it. My thought is to do some birdhouses or feeders or vining plants around the big trunk that we left--only because J is too chicken to take his chainsaw back out and try to carve something artistic in it! Would have taken another pic after the tree was totally gone, but my energy was gone--maybe this week when I finish mulching in the bed that it lies in

And we couldn't leave out little C--who LOVES mudpuddles. She wants to be as dirty as the boys anyday!!
Hope everyone has a beautiful, finally spring, week! Wear your sunscreen!

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