Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rock and Worship Roadshow

Jen and I survived the big trip!

Tanner, Grant, Jonah and Tristan

Callie and Kiley

Well, we survived the trip to Wichita yesterday to see the Rock and Worship Roadshow! All in all we had a fabulous time. It was a sold out show, so we were thankful to get in. We got there as the doors opened at 6:00. When we got into the coliseum, it was already packed! We found great seats in the nose bleed section dead in front of the stage. The music was LOUD but AWESOME. The kids really enjoyed it. They sang and clapped and hollered! The songs were great and the message was even better. And the atmosphere was unbelievable. The concert lasted until about 11:00 (quite a bit later than we had expected). We hit Sonic after the concert for some ice cream before we headed home. Most of the kids slept on the way home, Jen and I were wishing we could. We rolled into town about 2:00 am. J looked at me this morning, smiled and said "You're getting too old for this." Of course I was offended and asked him why he thought so. To which he replied "Cause you aren't looking too perky today" He is right-- At midnight, stuck in the Sonic parking lot for what seemed like hours, listening to lots of giggles and my oldest son pretending he was a Canadian-- The thought crossed my mind too!!

10th Avenue North

Hawk Nelson

Jeremy Camp

Mercy Me (they sing "I can only imagine)

The faces of excitement!

Now adays they use cell phones instead of lighters

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  1. Looks like you guys had fun! I'd hate to hear what J would have to say about us folks who can barely stay awake to see the sun set. I did stay up will 11 last night to watch a movie with D. Fell asleep halfway through and have already taken a nap this morning! =-) hehe