Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fun-Filled Day

We are so glad it is the weekend around here!! So far it has been busy. We are sure hoping not to get any severe weather here! Or anywhere else for that matter! We went to the junior high activity banquet last night. . . our first of many MANY of them to come (remember all those mom?? I know you're laughing!) It was nice. T will get to letter in track this year--he got his first medal at Thursday's track meet. He was in the thrower's relay (AKA the fat man's relay). To hear him talk about running in the fat man's relay cracks me up, since he is tall and SKINNY! His discus and high jump events went much better this week. Their meet last week got rained out, so this was only their 2nd meet.

This morning found me up, a little grudgingly, before dawn to attend the county health fair. I have a little meter that analyzes body fat percentages and calculates BMI easily, so I am asked frequently to bring that to different events. People like to do it for a "kick" if for no other reason! When I got home, I found the boys digging the sod out where the new sidewalk will go. So now we are ready for the guys to come frame and pour concrete. Hopefully in the next couple weeks. J also had moved my propane tank to the north side of the garage. YAY! They put the sucker square in the middle of the yard to the west (probably wasn't their yard when they put it there, but it has been claimed by me as yard since we moved) I have been griping it about it for 11 years. The whole yard looks different not to have that big ugly eyesore there! Some of the lilacs were blooming, so C and I went sniffing. Love that scent! Look what we found. D was impressed

After C went to sleep, I finished planting some stuff in my pots. Hope they don't get hailed on tomorrow. Below is an old washing machine (electric) that J salvaged and actually used for years to wash his greasy shop towels in. He was finished with it and I saw it out in the back forty a couple weeks ago when I was walking and the thoughts started. I was browsing on Kansas prairie gardens page and they were talking about using coleus in their pots. I have never tried to grow those before, but the color and texture seemed to be just what I was needing to fill that washer. So, here's the "before" photo--and hopefully soon, it will be filling in and will post another picture. Deb, I hope that's enough coleus in there?

J was planning on going racing today, but Wichita was calling for some pretty severe storm possibilities this evening, so thankfully he decided to stay home. BUT, we still didn't see him cause he was out in the shop tinkering with his old model A. He has it up on a chain, building the underneath thingy (a chassis?). He is still out there now, happy as a clam.

Late this afternoon we went to the school carnival. The kids have a ball! They bought their tickets earlier this week at school and then spent a couple hours winning back all the pop we had to send for prizes. They had lots of games, even C could do some. The pictures below were of a "train" ride. C's expression cracked me up. Actually she was loudly singing "WOOOOO"

T went home with a friend from there for a few hours. The rest of us went to town to eat at the supper club (and the red beer sure hit the spot tonight). When we got home, D and I planted some cucumbers, watermelon, dill, and cilantro in shallow pans to germinate them (I have horrible luck at getting that stuff started outside--can't keep it moist enough) and then some lettuce in long window boxes--so hopefully those will all grow well. Farmer's almanac said it was a good day to plant. And won't have to worry about hard rain washing the seeds out.

We're looking forward to church and then a lazy afternoon tomorrow. Hope everyone else is enjoying some R and R this weekend too.


  1. C looks like she was having fun!! I have lilacs just starting to bloom too! I love springtime!

  2. Me too!! I just can't help myself from going out at least once a day, sometimes twice to see what is new in the gardens!! LOVE IT!!

  3. Sounds like you had a busy Saturday. We were pretty busy, too. Finished our last soccer games of the season. C and I went to see Larry the Cable Guy last night. It was pretty good. His opening act was really funny, too.

  4. I can almost smell those lilacs! ahhhh... That "train" just cracks me up!