Monday, June 24, 2013

Reflections from Camp Lakeside. .Take. .FIVE

It's hard to believe that I've been camp nursing for five years now!!
I've really become part of the family!!
Enough so, that my opinion counts. .
and I can pitch in to most situations and help out as needed.
I've also been there long enough to have watched the campers. .
become counselors!!
Which has been amazingly fun!!
Especially since two of them are my own. .
And I can finally see them morphing into something more!
You may remember that I mentioned last week that we had two camps with Safari themes.
This was the second.
And as a fun and different plan. .
We went to the Garden City Zoo on our way to camp Monday.
I LOVE the zoo. .
And Jeremy just smiled at my dorkiness the week before. .
when out of the clear blue I would state something profound like. .
"AHHH (scream) I can't WAIT to go to the zoo!!"
Unfortunately, when we GOT to the zoo. .
It was near 100 degrees. .
and when we LEFT the zoo. .
It was a cool 109!!
Grant helps strap Hannah into her "Barrett costume" needed for their skit later on in the evening!

Seriously. .
That totally zaps the fun out of the zoo going experience!!
HOT. .
Pretty much described the climate of the week!
The agents rallied together after the sauna experience at the zoo. .
and made some major schedule over hauls. .
to avoid activities in the hot sun of the afternoon. .
since Tuesday was also slated to be near 105 in temperature. .
and windy. .
Did I mention the wind??
So the fishing and canoeing took place in the morning.
Because of some regulation changes. .
we didn't have Camp lifeguards to oversee the canoeing.
And since it was windy. .
I got to ride with a group to be there if needed.
Grant still swears that I did nothing to help him out. .
But the trap muscles in my upper back were sore as boils, sniff. .
so I KNOW I did my part!!
It was fun anyway!!
Another of the morning sessions was a "walk about"
It took place up on "the trail"
The kids have loved the trail since I have been there. .
And it has kept my business busy. .
fighting away blistering stinging reactions from plants. .
injured ankles. .
skinned up knees. .
and yucca plant "bites"
Joe, the agent that led the hike was INCREDIBLE!!
He showed the kids lots of plants, grasses, and insects. .
discussing concepts with them like how the Indians and settlers used the plants for medicines and foods. He also discussed erosion, buzzards, and even the aquafir that supplied the area with water.
I was thrilled to get to go on one of the hikes. .
And find the cactus blooming!
Gorgeous scenery!!
The rest of the classes were held inside during the afternoon. .
Crafts were done in the open air, shaded rock building.
They made binoculars!!
And did paper mache. .
which may  have been quite frustrating for a few young men that I know!!
I was pretty impressed with Grant. .
He was very comfortable working with the kids. .
And did a great job being kind and responsible!
Another new activity this year were skits.
Each of the 6 groups of kids brainstormed their own skit to perform for the rest of the camp. .
Some were hysterical. .
and some were really lame!
Some were right in the middle of those two categories!
Tristan's group thoroughly enjoyed beating him with pool noodles though!
And the counselors took an opportunity to make fun of all the adults!!
Hannah looked strikingly like Barrett. .
He is a young, new agent this year. .
who OBVIOUSLY grew up in 4-H camps. .
because he knew EVERY camp chant known to man.
And taught them ALL to the kids!
We were also super tickled to watch Brenna imitate our own agent Mike.
Mike is pretty laid back. .
pretty quiet. .
Not such a fan of camp. .
Loves his coffee!!
And to fully appreciate her dramatic efforts. .
you really had to be there!!
I think the ultimate highlight of the camp. .
was the water games in the heat of the afternoon!!
Tristan. .
being the ultimate child at heart. .
Was ALL over that!!
Dousing poor, little, helpless females. .
That were probably just getting him back for something HE started anyway!!
Air rifles. .
And archery. .
Counselors are really just like. .
big campers ;-)
This one is already talking about being old enough to be a counselor. .
In like. .
5 years!!
They did some really great flag raising and lowering ceremonies this year. .
I'm guessing courtesy of Barrett, the super camper!!
They were awesome. .
And educational. .
And touching!!
We, in America. .
can be SO forgetful of the magnificent PRIVILEGE of living here!
I love to see that respect passed on to our kids!
I've mentioned before in my previous reflections of camp. .
That most boys just throw on a new shirt and the same shorts they have been wearing for the previous two days.
I now stand corrected!!
These boys got all gussied up. .
Literally. .
Apparently. .
There was somewhat of a clothing swap after the counselor skit. .
And the boys wore the girls' tiny shorts to the dance. .
Everly, standing next to Tristan. .
was swallowed by his clothes!
And I have to say. .
The yellow rubber boots are Everly's. .
NOT Tristan's!
Boy, did they look impressive!!
I will give them all credit. .
The counselors were really diligent to get the kids involved in the dancing. .
and they had all kinds of kids out on the floor, shakin' it down!!
Devin danced all night too. .
And I even scored a partner for the cotton-eyed Joe. .
Barrett and I broke into the kid's discombobulated version of a classic. .
And showed 'em how to do it RIGHT!!
I will also say that ALL the campers were impressed that Mike, our agent could dance. .
They all stared as he wove me thru the crowded dance floor on a slow country number!
I LOVE to dance. .
and my kids tolerate it much better than Tristan did the first year I boogied down to the John Travolta music!
By Wednesday. .
we all felt pretty much like this. .
And we were ready to hit the road after lunch. .
For a cooooollll ride home!
I figure that by the time Cami gets done with her share of camps. .
I could have another 14 years of camp nursing!
Bandaid, anyone??
Enjoy your week!

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  1. By the time Cami is old enough to be a counselor, they will probably be imitating you in their skits as well!! Despite the heat it looks like a fun time :)