Friday, June 7, 2013

Blooms of June. .

We have had sooo much moisture over the last month.
We've seen nearly 4.5 inches of the wet stuff over the last few weeks. .
we have had LOTS of wind. .
and ice pellets from the sky.
Did I  mention that we have had wind?!?
Even when it wasn't raining!
The flowers and weeds grow alike, as you might see with the giant broadleafed, stickery-sided weed in the center of my lovely blooms in the photo!
The larkspur are starting to pop!! My favorite is the dark purple. .
There is also a lighter purple. .
and sometimes an occasional pink or white.
These reseed like C-R-A-Z-Y. .
but they are easy to pull. .
And they sure brighten up the spot!
(Sara. .a great choice for instant color in your new yard!!!)
Last summer the hummingbird that visited was all over them. .
I haven't noticed any hummers as of yet.
This guy has been FOUR years in the waiting!!
One of my gardening patients brought me some milkweed seed years ago. .
I thought it was the tuberosa. .
which is a brilliant orange color, and truly a favorite of mine. .
I started some from seed. .
and expected them to bloom the second year or so. .
But instead of blooms the next year. .
I wasn't even sure that the plants in the spots where I THOUGHT I planted milkweed. .
WERE milkweed!!
They DIDN'T look like the orange clump of milkweed that I have. .
and so I was confused for the entire summer as to WHAT it was. .
But, because they were big plants. .
and definitely coming from the same spot I started them in. .
I left them!
Last summer, I waited for blooms. .
But none came. .
The plants continued to grow, and any time I would pop a stalk in half. .
The milky fluid came from them, leading me to believe they WERE milkweed.
I finally asked her about them at one of her appointments. 
And she advised me that it was the common milkweed. .
So I left them and continued to wait!
it has spread to include about a dozen plants in the same area. .
and since it HADN'T bloomed or set seed yet. .
That has me a little concerned.
BUT, they are blooming now. .
And they are gorgeous blooms, worth the wait. .
Plus, they look nice with the larkspur. .
AND. .
They are essential for monarch butterflies. .
So, they will stay!
To the west of the milkweed. .
 in the garden along the driveway. .
The red hot pokers are blooming, as is the passed-along pink penstemon to the right.
These red hot pokers are, interestingly, ALL yellow. .
And this clump has the more commonly seen variety. .
Which just so happens to be the variety that I ordered a few years ago.
This is the first year that they have really bloomed well, last year was just a flower on each plant. .
And since I had never seen the blooms before, I don't think I noticed the difference.
But it makes me wonder if I got a yellow one by accident.
They are pretty. .
And they are substantial plants (BIG).
I think they are adding alot to the beds they are in.
They are native to Africa;
And though I've lost one of the three I planted 3 years ago. .
The other two are flourishing now.
And they add a nice contrast to their places. .
They are also supposed to be hummingbird magnets. .
Hmmm. .
Here's a close up photo of the pink penstemon with the purple larkspur. .
There SHOULD be hummingbirds here. .
The pink knock out roses are on FIRE. .
And if you look into the background, the pond is hiding beyond the tall green plants in the shadow. Those plants are a nice mixture of Mexican hats and gray headed coneflowers. There are a few scattered blossoms right now, but I imagine within the week, the plants will be L-O-A-D-E-D with blossoms and winged creatures!
Speaking of winged creatures. .
I spied a couple of giant bumble bees working the perennial snapdragons.
The Texas red yucca is blooming. .
I showed the light pink stalk with buds on it last week.
Still no blooms on the big plant.
Can you say
Why, oh WHY don't they hear me? Sniff!
But on a more cheerful note. .
The coronation gold yarrow has just started blooming too.
And it's very. . .
Back around to the new patio. .
You can see my hen and chick flock in the rock planter. .
As well as my funnel planters. .
That I single handedly screwed into the post. .
Well, not really using just a single hand (yuk, yuk, yuk!). .
You know what I mean!
Anyway. .
A couple weeks into summer vacation finds. .
Two big boys working full time jobs while cramming in golf, frog hunting and fishing in their spare time. They will both be counselors at 4-H camp this coming week. .and then get home, repack, and head out for football camp at the end of the week. Devin and Cami have been attending a bible camp each afternoon this past week plus some pool and library time. .
and all the kids attended our 4-H Safari themed day camp. .
two as counselors and two as campers. .
and one mom that worked as the snack and lunch lady. .
hopefully pictures and stories to come.
Devin will get to go to 4-H camp next week too. .
 and Cami will have to stay home to keep her dad in line. .
Wish her luck!!
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Melanie-so happy to hear of your rains. What a relief after the drought of last year.
    You're blooms are spectacular.
    I have common milkweed growing in my veggie garden--I let it start because it seems to keep the pests off my stuff. It spreads like crazy---which was ok because I use an iron rake to keep the aisles clean. But be careful--they are popping up yards away now---through underground . Just to let you know---keep an eye on it or it WILL get away from you. But it's wonderful wonderful stuff for the bees, etc

  2. Thanks for sharing - that was interesing about the milkweed. Liked seeing the "hen and chicks." :)

  3. I have those sticky weed popping up everywhere too. They're sneaking.
    Love the milk weed. My milk weed plants are soooo small still. Patience, patience. Looks like it's worth the wait.
    You have a hummingbird feast there. I'll bet they'll show.
    Love the new rock planter for the hens and chicks. Looking good.