Monday, June 17, 2013

Going on a Safari!

So. .
I had aaaalllllll these pictures loaded onto blogspot last week. .
So I could work on them in my downtime from nursing duties at Wild Horse Camp. .
And the internet connection was out while we were there!!
And, as you noticed. .
No blogging happened!
So, I think I will back track a bit.
One of the reasons that I like to post details about our camps. .
Is that I tend to use other people's ideas. .
Why re-invent the wheel??
And I am always amazed at how people find their way to my little ole blog. .
Googling for a specific idea seems to be a main way in!
So, if you are here looking for some ideas for a safari themed camp. .
I hope this helps!!
Hilary leads the group in a fun safari themed food class
As per our usual day camp format. .
We divided the kids into groups.
This year we had over 100 kids attend the camp!
Each group had at least one high school aged counselor and then several junior high age counselors. .
Grant's group was called the Mysterious Monkeys! We also had Wacky Warthogs. .
Leaping Lemurs. .Terrifying Tigers. .
And several other group names that elude me after 2 weeks and another Safari themed camp LAST week!!
Then each group moves through the rotation of classes. .
Every year the kids enjoy shooting air rifles. .
And archery. .
Which are favorites!!
You might notice that so far. .
Everyone looks really COLD!!
Day camp was held on June 5. .
And the high of the day was SIXTY TWO degrees. .
With wind. .
And drizzle!!
The  food class discussed what type of foods one might eat in the jungle. .
And bugs happened to be the hot topic!!
The above photo was one that Hilary had up on the wall. .
Those are REAL bugs frozen into popsicles. .
A delicacy somewhere!!!
The kids then spent some time constructing their own little edible bugs. .
Out of cheese and vegetables!
Preston (though grudgingly) let me take a photo of his finished masterpiece. .
Sara. .I felt the pain you experience as you try to get this boy to pose for you :-)
He was totally unimpressed!!
Even though Cami isn't old enough to attend the camp. .
We take kids that have finished Kindergarten thru 5th grade. .
She got to come since her mom was working at the camp for the day. She shifted around between her brothers and her favorite girl counselors. .
And had a ball!
For lunch we had Mess kits. .
Consisting of the best sandwiches EVER (according to Devin).
The fancy submarine hoagie bun made the ham, turkey, and cheese sammie ROCK!
The kits also had apple slices, carrot sticks, Rice Krispy treats and a juice box!
I was kitchen staff this year. .
It takes a LOOOONNNNNGGGG time to make 160 sandwiches!!!
And thankfully, we had some extra moms stay and help package carrots, cut rice krispy treats up, and assemble the goods into the paper bag!!
The counselors did a great job of keeping the kids busy during down time. .
A rousing favorite was the Human Knot. .
The kids make a circle. .
Stretch their hands out across the circle and grab someone else's hand. .
Then they have to UNTIE themselves without breaking their hand clasps!
The craft class had the kids working on real Bow and Arrows!!
They used thin plastic pipes. .
Strung them up with string. .
And duct taped some designs on them!!
100 fancy bows!!
The arrows were small wooden dowel rods with thick Styrofoam triangles!
And Brenna demonstrates that they actually DID work!!
The highlight of our day camp however. .
Was the staff from Tanyganika zoo in Wichita coming down and bringing some friends!
Here they show two white ferrets. .
They also had a tortoise. .
A blue tongued lizard. .
yes. .
it had a blue tongue!
And a ginormous python!
Which my daughter said was "really soft!"
They let each kid pet the animals. .
And, uh, amphibians. .
If they wanted to.
The kids loved it!
Finally, as the day came to a close. .
They ran an obstacle course. .
That included running, stepping through tires, climbing over straw bales, and torpedo-ing through hula hoops!!
They made Spider man look pathetic!
And despite the unexpectedly cool weather. .
It totally BEAT the 109 degree temperatures that we experienced last week at our 3 day 4-H camp in Scott City. .
More on that to come later!!
So. .
Glad to be back this week!
True to my discombobulated fashion. .
There will be posts on a little of this. .
And a little of that!!
Have a STUPENDOUS Monday ya'll!!
Come back soon. .


  1. I so wish my kids could have come! They would have loved the bug pops. I'm sure I have at least one kid that would have tried one. ha ha

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! That man at the BB range sure is handsome! ;)

  3. I am WAY behind on my blog and my blog reading!! Now you know why there are relatively few pictures of Preston on my blog. Sometimes I wonder if people think I don't love him as much as the others...LOL! My kids RAVED about camp! They had a great time and kept remembering things for days after that they just had to come and tell me. Thank you for helping create a wonderful experience for our youth!