Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Dream Come True. .

I know that there are several of you that have been on the edge of your seats waiting for this unveiling. .
Maybe not on the edge of your seats. .
but waiting. .
and waiting. .
Me too. .
It seemed like it took a looooong time. .
From March 14th when they starting to do the foundation work. .
And the looooonnng weeks that followed. .
as walls came down. .
and walls went up. .
and DUST went everywhere!!
EVERYWHERE, I tell you!!!
And NOW. .
it doesn't even look like the same place!!
There is a little bit of metal trim work that needs to be finished yet. .
And the steps and railing to the old door on the left got finished by Jeremy this past weekend. .
Kelsey is also planning on building the media cabinet to the specs of about 10 photos put together :-)
Not really that many. .
but several. .
THAT, however won't be done for another month or so!
Some furnishings went in. .
My favorite corner is this one. .
The doors of this cabinet that Jeremy built for me were old windows from a local hotel. .
We had a little disagreement about where the shelves needed to go. .
and so. .
since I happened to get there AFTER he had just finished gluing and nailing them in. .
I lost!!  Oh well!
It made a handy library and game storage to entice people in the room to hang out and relax!!
I scored the old ladder at the outdoor flea market last month. .
And. .
thanks to Pinterest. .
was able to fix a pretty cool wall hanging!!
Speaking of Pinterest. .
This old window was taken from my great grandparents homestead. .
And my friend Missy and I enjoyed a bottle of wine. .
While it took us ALL afternoon to figure out how to cut the vinyl on her Cricket. .
And it DIDN'T take us all afternoon BECAUSE of the wine!!
That window is now at home hanging over our bed!
I thought I would also share a picture of how the tiny baby dresses turned out too. .
I'm feeling more settled now. .
And even though the position of my bed has changed. .
I am no longer waking up every night trying to decide where I am!!
I got lots of cleaning and rearranging done while Cami laid on the couch sick over Memorial weekend. .
And moved a few things around on my walls as I nabbed photos and "stuff" to decorate my new room. .
My first aid collection moved around a little. .
The bottom Red Cross poster was one of my new ones from the flea market. .
It was from 1917. .
I googled it. .
Amazing thing, this Internet!!
The potential for knowledge is UNLIMITED!!!
And. .
then I had to fix the spot where the first aid things WERE. .
I totally loved how that spot turned out!!
I love change!!
Usually. .
The other accomplishment of the weekend was setting the pitcher pump feature back up!!
Kelsey was not too impressed that I placed ROCK on his CONCRETE. .
AND, though he didn't say a word. .
His LOOK said it ALL!
It is STRATEGICALLY placed right out of the sun room windows. .
so I can hear the trickle while the windows are open. .
It's also really protected against the blustery Kansas winds. .
And I haven't even had to refill the reservoir yet. .
 even though the winds gusted up to 30-40 mph EVERY day for a week!!
I had to be in OKC a few weeks ago, and was able to find some hostas that grow to 50 inches tall!
And enjoyed picking out a Wichita Blue juniper and two dwarf Alberta BLUE spruce trees.
The Annabelle hydrangeas that I transplanted from a girl I work with will fill out the rest of the new garden spot nicely! I finished placing the rock around the north side of the feature, and planted a WHOLE flock of hen and chicks generously shared by a friend!!
I am LOVING it!!
We then moved this old oblong tank, stolen from my mother. .
really, it was LEFT at her new house by the previous owners. .
And they were fixing to load it up and take it to the dump before I RESCUED it for a more glorious existence!! There is a clump of purple fountain grass in the middle that I overwintered and divided. .
And two clumps of lemon grass that I started from seed on either side. .
Some overwintered sweet potato vine and some purchased purple and yellow petunias finished it off.
The two pots on either side on the ground are ALSO lemon grass. .
I was GOING to put them into the tank. .
BUT, I couldn't get them out of the pots!!
I hope they do well!!
They DO taste like lemon. .
And I'd like to learn to cook with it this summer too. .
I'll keep ya posted on that!
In other gardening news. .
Here is our veggie garden. .
We rescued the galvanized tubs from the front of the garden right along the driveway. .
They were doing nothing but growing weeds there, since it was difficult to water. .
And they now hold the perennial herbs as well as one green bean plant. .
 traded to me for a start of lemon grass. .
and some dill that Grant started in the greenhouse.
The green pots hold the tomatos, two varieties of cucumbers, assorted pepper plants and purple and green basil. .
And the round pots have more basil, cantalope, watermelon, and carrots.
So far it seems to be working out well!
The memory garden is also looking INCREDIBLE!!
I can view this from the new sunroom and patio area!
This collection of plants. .
Soft colors inferno strip. .
was purchased 3 years ago or 4 from High Country Gardens. .
and has finally come into itself!!
ALL the plants are blooming at the same time. .
And it is literally ABLAZE with winged insects of all kinds!!
The very faint purple spikes at the back right are Nepeta (catmint) Walker's low. .The dark purple in the background is Cardonna Sage, the light purple  in the middle is Rocky Mountain Penstemon, the hot pink on the left is Jupiter's Beard, and the light pink in front is Elfin Pink Penstemon. There is also some hot pink ground cover poppy mallow blooming (in the photo before this one). .as well as hot pink dianthus and light pink clumps of something that I can't name right now.
Further back in the bed are some transplanted clumps of silver and purple Lamb's ear. .
This festive looking Tropicana rose bush that I transplanted before the construction started in March. .
He has NEVER looked happier!!
Some Love Lies Bleeding that I started in the greenhouse. .
I think it is hysterical that this little tiny 6 inch long stalk. .
Is now sporting a 6 inch long flower spike too!!
The plant is supposed to be nearly 5 feet tall. .
With big, droopy flower clusters. .
Hoping it happens!!
The Amythest Falls Wisteria shrub is really taking off now. .
There is a ton of new growth. .
and some flowers.
This was one of the plants that I bought with money given in memory of my dad last spring. .
It is supposed to be a more drought tolerant wisteria. .
I can't WAIT until the clusters of purple hang off of the arbor near it!!

 Come back soon. .
These blossoms are from LAST week. .
 since I couldn't get them uploaded because of blogspot issues. .
in time to jive with my schedule. .
The gardens are changing by the DAY. .
And I'll have more photos again soon!
Until then. .
Be safe. .
And be blessed!!
Thanks for dropping in on us. .


  1. It's BEAUTIFUL!!! I need to come see it now with "stuff" in it! ;)
    And I've been searching for a ladder JUST LIKE THAT for the EXACT same idea!! The internet rocks!

  2. Wow! You guys have been amazingly busy! Everything is looking wonderful and I'm amazed your construction was completed so quickly. (Yeah, I'm sure it didn't feel that way to you - but I'm still amazed!) I'm looking forward to seeing how everything matures over the summer.

  3. Fun projects - they all look great!

  4. The addition looks great. What a nice layout for the gardens on that side. Your plants are truly happy and blooming like crazy!