Monday, June 3, 2013

An Adventure. .

We LOVE adventures at our house. .
After much craziness and sickness Memorial weekend. .
And on a glorious evening with NO wind. .
We decided to do a little "pasture trip."
With our new trusty little golf cart. .
Explained to me as "a HECK of a deal!"
We found that the hillsides of our little grass pasture were more FULL of blooms than they had been a few weeks ago. .
Yellows, oranges, blues, pinks, white, and purples. .
And this year. .
lots and lots of GREEN!
The golf cart is such a quiet ride. .
so the peacefulness of the trip was maintained. .
the cart wouldn't restart after we stopped to take pictures. .
Guess who drew the straw to walk BACK to the house to get the 4-wheeler and jumper cables??
Yup. .
Can you see the golf cart way back there. .
Let me zoom in my 30x optical camera lens. .
There they are. .
waiting patiently. .
While I continued to take pictures and walk. .
I was totally ECSTATIC to find this. .
Wild blue indigo growing in our pasture. .
I have NEVER seen it in our part of the country. .
And so I ordered a few of them from High Country gardens. .
2 of which are still surviving, but not blooming yet!
There were a good number of plants blooming down in the bottoms of the hills. .
but none that I could see from the driveway!
They were my favorite wildflower from childhood. .
I recall picking bouquets with them in it with my mom. .
and they lasted a long time!!
Since I rarely wear anything around the house but flip flops. .
I was SURE glad I spied THIS little guy before I found him with my toes!!
It's amazing that cactus AND wildflowers can thrive in the same acreage of vegetation!!
But they do!
Aren't God's creations magnificent!!
Hope you have a BLESSED Monday. .
And be sure and stop back by this week. .
The remodel is DONE. .
And the proof. .
is in the pictures!!


  1. Be sure not to tell Uncle Chris you have a golf cart that was a heck of a good deal because he really wants one. :)


  2. What beautiful flowers you are finding in your pasture! Gorgeous! You guys are so lucky to have that as part of your spot on Earth.

  3. Didn't find an rattlers with your feet either, did you?

  4. Sounds like it sure ended up being a heck of a deal! :)

    We have some really cool cactus in our pasture that I want to dig up and move up to the house...just haven't been home long enough to do it!

  5. The rain this spring has done some AMAZING things!! Beautiful wildflowers!!

  6. The pasture land looks lovely in flower, but a golf cart? Did you have far to go?