Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Is it July ALREADY?

 Hard to imagine that the summer is just flying by!!
The last two weeks have been busy. .
And the next month will disappear before we know it too!
Thought I would show a few photos from what we have been up to!!
 Tragically, 2 weeks ago. .
My friend and fellow youth group leader took her unborn baby of 31 weeks. .
And made a personal and permanent trip to heaven. .
To live with her Savior and God!!
She left behind her husband (also a fellow youth group leader) and her other two small children.
While her life is now GLORIOUS. .
Ours is a little empty. .
God is Sovereign. .
And He is holding up those that are looking to Him. .
And we are hopeful. .
For a future in His Kingdom. .
And that is really all that matters!
In the middle of those difficult weeks. .
We were able to enjoy a short trip to see our own family. .
And enjoyed several hours at the park playing. .
Where the slides. .
And catching fireflies were big events!!
We've also spent time getting ready for our county fair. .
which is here next week!
Baking. .electrical projects. .woodworking. .
and these. .
Unfortunately. .
We didn't realize until the fair books came. .
that one pen of poultry for judging had to include THREE chickens. .
We've had trouble with our chickens since we went to Vegas in March. .
We decided that initially a hawk was picking one off every day. .
And then it was raccoon issues!
We have been keeping them in the cages even during the day again until the past few days.
But still. .
we only have two Rhode Island Reds, one hen that we don't even know the variety of. .
we just call her "road runner chicken" because she is so stinkin fast!!
And our two new Silver barred rocks in the photo above. .
One of which just layed her first little egg last week!
A little over a week ago. .
We got a chirping box from the US postal service. .
Full of tiny chicks!! Devin and I shopped online and bought some black Australorps, Austra Whites, and Gold laced Wyandotte chicks. .These will take up residence with the other 5 girls in the coop.

Last weekend I had FIVE days off from paid working. .
And we enjoyed a few spectacular firework shows. .
Celebrated an early 17th birthday for THIS one. .
And did lots of cleaning and yard work!
Tristan and I landscaped the new flower bed on the north side of the house around the addition. .
And he even added a little "garden whimsy" in the way of this stone sun!
Or sunbathing turtle. .
whichever whimsy you choose to imagine!!
The weather has been HOT and dry again!!  
We had GREAT 80 degree temperatures for about a week. .
and this week we are back to 100 plus.
 Last night I walked into the house about 8:00, thinking it was feeling much cooler.
.and it was still 98 degrees. .
So the flowers are starting to look hot and bothered!!
And frankly, so is the gardener!!
I did a ton of mulching last weekend with some wood chips given to us. .
Since they were from the country, the likelihood that they had herbicides was really low. .
and it made my memory garden look nice and fresh. .
and will help enhance and cool the soil!!
Though I was anything but enhanced OR cooled by the time I was done throwing it down!!
Such is the life though!!
Anyhoo. .
That's it for us. .Thanks for stopping by!
Have a super week!!


  1. Your continued chicken challenges. I don't remember my mom losing them during the day but we always had to shut the door to the chicken house when it got dark.
    That water tank planting is looking good!!!! Mulching when it's hot. Ick. Everyday, I find someplace that I think needs more mulch and so I drag some straw or chips there.
    If it must get hot, I hope it rains some more.

  2. I totally thought that was a turtle before I read your comments! If you want to hire our your landscaper, I could really use one at my house. I love the rock border you have around your north side.
    Happy Birthday Tristan!
    It just cracks me up that they send chicks through the mail...can you just imagine what goes through their little minds as they journey through the postal system!

  3. Hi Melanie! I'm so sorry to hear about your friend who passed away. I haven't been blogging for months! I have decided to get back into it. I'm waiting for a new power supply cord for my laptop...it died and threw a couple sparks! Hoping to get a new cord within a week or sooner. I like your rocks...I totally thought it was a sea turtle! Lol

  4. So sorry to read about the loss of your friend. It's so hard to say goodbye....

    Your gardens are looking beautiful - no signs of heat stress that I'm seeing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for rain on Sunday!

    Oh, and I'm voting for a sunbathing turtle!