Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Us. .A Survival Story!

It's so hard for me to believe that we are now winding down another month!!
The kids had a good week at the fair. .
Some good markings. .
And advice on things that they can do better. .
or differently. .
And lots was learned about themselves. .
and their projects. .
The memorable quote of the week for me was this. .
Me. .Devin, what did you learn from the poultry judge?
Dev (without even thinking first) blurts. .
Well, I learned how to feel a chicken's butt to see if they are ready to lay an egg!!
How ARE you supposed to respond to that??
Here is the photo I promised of Tristan's finished sofa table. .
I will admit. .
I think it looks fabulous in my new room behind the table!!
There a few areas that I think we will try and fix with some antiquing glaze or something. .
The contrast is a little sharp for my taste. .
Overall though. .
I love it. .
And he is proud of it too!!
Character built. .
and lessons learned!!
The kids worked hard at the carnival to help raise money for our youth group leader that just lost his wife. .
as well as to go on a mission trip this fall. .
They learned and practiced giving to their community. .
And making people smile. .
Whether it benefits them personally. .
or not!
What a dedicated and great group of kids the Lord has sent me!
We have enjoyed some BLESSEDLY cooler temperatures. .
As well as several little rain showers. .
We have had a little over an inch in the last week. .
And that is fairly rare in our area for July!
The flowers are LOVING it. .
And so is the gardener!!
Cami shot this photo herself!!
Miss Thing went to her pediatric dentist yesterday. .
NO cavities. .
Not even ONE. .
The first great visit since we were referred there 1 1/2 years ago!!
BUT. .
Look what happened!!
She thinks she still looks cute without the tooth. .
But I may not be looking for that to happen in about a month. .
When we have to go back. .
Gas her up. .
remove the top two teeth. .
And slice through her palate to retrieve an extra tooth that is situated right between her 2 permanent teeth!!
As an answer to prayer. .
we are hoping that the permanent tooth that is turned wrong (to make room for the extra tooth). .
Will turn itself back to a more normal position before it erupts through into its spot in the front of her mouth!
But for now. .
we celebrate no cavities. .
and a visit from the tooth fairy!!
So, while we have been busy. .
Not a lot to talk about!
BUT. .
I WILL leave you with our "You might be a redneck story" of the week!
I'll bet you will find yourself chuckling!!

When they did our room addition. .
The house had a ginormous hole in the side of it for nearly a week. .
APPARENTLY, unbeknownst to me. .
There has been an invasion of mice. .
Everyone knew EXCEPT for me. .
which is great, cause they have been in the basement or the attic. .
And not in my kitchen or bedroom!!
Jeremy cornered one and fisted it to death a week ago. .
And Grant caught one in his room in a trap while his friend was staying the night Thursday night. .
But Tristan. .
Comes to my bedroom door around 11:00 or 11:30 last week. .
and whispers. .
Mom. .Mom!!
What Tristan (in a worn out mom voice)!
"I just shot a mouse in my bedroom with my blow gun (you know, the little tubes that you blow a needle-like dart out of with your mouth. .they are used by the jungle amazons and cave men and are still for sale today for teenagers to enjoy)!!"
It was another hour before I could stop laughing!!

You might be a redneck. .
If your son shoots and kills a mouse in his BEDROOM. .
With a blow gun!!

Now. .
Get back to work!!
Enjoy your week!!
Ours will go fast!
I have some awesome fair recipes to share soon. .
So don't stay away too long!


  1. I had just seen this bookshelf on Pinterest and it reminded me of something I had seen recently!

    I happen to like Tristan's much better!

    I can't even imagine what it would be like to have to put someone so small through so much dental trama at an early age...lucky for me, my kids can't wait to go when they hear the words Dentist Appointment!

    I love the mouse story...totally something my Preston would do...or Jeremy for that matter! At least it isn't roaming around your house anymore :)

  2. That story definitely got a smile out of me! :-)

  3. We haven't used a blow gun, but one of mine may, or may not have, used a pellet gun and hunted in his bedroom one evening. =/
    Poor Cami!! What is it with these kids and their teeth? Your a bit of an overachiever, aren't you? I didn't get some of my boys' teeth developed while they were in utero...you got extras put in!
    We survived another fair! On to next year!!!

  4. hahahaha! Oh my gosh, I love that story about the blow gun!!! I would be cracking up too!! I love the furniture piece your son made! He is darn talented! I think I would like to learn how to feel a chickens butt to see if it is ready to lay an egg...I didn't know you could do that!! My poor chickens! LOOK OUT!

  5. You are really furnishing the house with a lot of one of a kind, special made furniture!
    Amazing he got the mouse that way. He must be a good shot.
    Had a crazy week here too. Just now catching up on blogs. Thanks for the recipes. Interesting tip on the muffin tin oil.
    Hope the rain reached you too.