Friday, July 19, 2013

A Little Lamp Story

I really enjoy Pinterest!
But I find it to be very addictive for me. .
And for that reason. .
I don't allow myself a lot of time on there. .
Maybe a few hours once a month or so!
I found an awesome idea a while back for Grant to do as an electricity project for 4-H.
It's a lamp made from a rustic toaster. The original lamp shade was an old colandar. .
But I happened to have an old silver bowl that we got as a wedding gift and never really used. .
Mostly because I hate to polish stuff!
There were no directions on Pinterest for making it. .
Just a photo.
So I gave Grant the old toaster that I picked up at an antique store for $3. .
And the silver bowl.
The rest was up to him.
His dad has a small collection of pipes and etc. .
So he found a small metal tube that didn't overpower the size of the toaster.
They torched out a small hole from the top of the toaster (I know, it totally looks like a cheese grater!)
And attached the metal tubing with bolts and nuts.
I came back later to see how things were going. .
And Grant was working with the wires on the lamp kit I had bought at Lowes.
He didn't appear to me to know exactly what he was up to. .
And when I asked him if he knew what he was doing. .
He, quite candidly, replied that he did not. .
never looking up from his work.
Which made this secretly taken photo a few minutes later. .
Even better!
Apparently even reading the directions didn't help him. .
Because when he brought it to the house. .
And plugged it into the outlet in the kitchen. .
From my spot in front of the computer. .
The last thing I heard. .
Was the click of the lamp switch. .
And then all the power to the kitchen and my computer went off!
I had to bite my tongue. .
As Grant spewed some irritated words. .
And his dad looked at the whole thing and said. .
Well, Grant. .
the wires aren't hooked up right (Really! We hadn't noticed!)
It didn't take Grant long to rewire it. .
And, amazingly. .
The lamp has worked fine ever since!!
Live and learn, right??
The end!


  1. Very cute, and if you draw my name for Christmas this year, I know just what you can get me..... :)


  2. It looks cool.
    Sounds like a learning experience too!

  3. So cool! What great skills Grant is learning - and how much fun that you get to benefit with such a cute lamp!

  4. Hey, at least there was no fire, right? ;) The lamp looks great!

  5. Love the lamp..and love the picture of Grant scratching his head even more!