Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekend Warriors

Well. .
The fair is upon us!!
It was funny to watch how our family spent the weekend. .
In between fair set up, Devin's golf tourney, a friend's wedding, a garden tractor pull, and church activities. .
The rest of the weekend was a little discombobulated and ant-den-ish!!
But a lot of activity happened between major events!!
Check it out!
These two kids put the finishing touches on their woodworking projects. .
We tried a new technique to finish them. .
Both boys used a strong black tea mixture painted on their raw wood. .
And then painted it with a solution made from STEEL WOOL dissolved in VINEGAR!!
It instantly turned the wood a deep greyish black. .
And made it look like we dug it out of the dump. .
I know. .
Not everyone would covet that effect!
Unfortunately, though. .
Wood filler doesn't take that type of finish. .
And he filled up some holes, not thinking about that. .
so. .
They had to do some problem solving. .
which entailed a couple different tricks. .
And ultimately. .
Sanding the old finish off, drilling out some holes, coming up with a new idea for covering the pocket screw holes. .
and RE-finishing the table!
I will try to post a finished project picture soon!
Since the FINAL touches will still not be completed until tonight!!
This kid finally celebrated his 17th birthday!
And we enjoyed the afternoon at the lake to celebrate!
Miss Thing has decided this year that she should be able to have her very own turn on the water. .
And so they have taught her how to use the surf board on her belly. .
Jeremy pulls her quite slowly. .
And she LOVES every minute of it. .
And even started using her arms to pull herself from side to side. .
Very tricky!!
I got tickled as her dad put her in control of the wheel and went back to see how Grant made the surf board work. .
That was a new toy as of last year on vacation. .
And it pulls V-E-R-Y slowly. .
to get a larger water wake to surf in!
But she thought she was a GREAT driver!!
A little bike riding on the new slab of concrete poured last week to expand Jeremy's work area in his shop. .
Grant had finished up a lamp for his mom. .
Which I will post this week. .
And then worked on one for his room. .
both for his electricity project.
And Jeremy has drug another project into his house too!!
And has been welding on a truck that he making. .
He bought the old cab at an auction!!
This past weekend, he was welding in a dash board. .
And Tristan helped him with it for several hours too!
The boys have learned lots about lots, hanging out in that shop!!
We were blessed with a little bit of rain on Sunday afternoon. .
And the three youngest kids enjoyed riding their bikes in the rain. .
I waited and waited to get Cami in the photo. .
But she was doing her own thing. .
Singing and pedaling. .
And went all the way around our little track!
The photographer got tired of waiting!
The moisture was good for our souls. .
It's nice to just take a big deep breath of that clean air. .
And it makes me wonder why I don't just stop. .
And take a nice deep breath. .
more often!!
Tomorrow is the 4-H judging of most of our projects. .
That means. .
After work tonight. .
My kitchen will be a fog of flying flour. .
And a tornado of ticked-off testosterone. .
And one little girl who can't get enough attention!!
But hopefully it will score us some award winning delicacies!
Wish us luck!!
Thanks for stoppin' by!!


  1. Whew, that made me tired just reading it all. :) I miss the fair days, so I am glad you still get to experience that!! Though I don't remember us finishing our projects the day before.... ;)
    I hope T had a great birthday. Can't believe he is 17 already. That makes us old!!


  2. My goodness the projects going on at your place. Enjoy that rain. We just had a quirky little shower here. I was on the patio smelling the clean air! Good luck with all the fair prep and showing.

  3. I seriously can't wait to see that finished woodworking project! I might have to hire Tristan to build me something...I especially like that grey distressed look that is so popular right now!

    I respect all you parents of fair kids and all the work that goes into it, but I can honestly say I am thankful that my kids have never asked about entering fair projects!

    Good luck to everyone!

  4. Wow. No wonder you commented that gardening has become a little difficult! How in the world would you have an instant of time to even look at plants these days?!

    I have great memories of 4-H and fair projects from when my kids were young. Those woodworking projects look very impressive. I'm looking forward to learning how everything fares. (Pun somewhat, belatedly, intended!)