Monday, January 10, 2011

You've got Snow!

We've been anticipating some snow for the last 5-6 days now. .
We REALLY expected to have a snow day today. .
So we were all a little disappointed this morning to wake up to a mild dusting of snow.
The kids got on the bus an hour late and made the trip to school.  It proceeded to snow the rest of the day. .
Until. .
School was let out early. .
Sports, drum line practice, and 4-H were cancelled. .
And everyone could make it home to enjoy a VERY frigid romp in the snow!!
It was about 16 degrees when the kids got home. .
And the whole event lasted less than an hour!!
But very happy children I had, indeed!!
We SHE made snow angels! 
Look Mama!! It's beautiful! 
They rode homemade snow boards (YES, those are old road signs. .I have no idea where they came from. .but remember. .NONE of my crew can drive. .so I know they weren't stolen!--at least not by them) 
They worked slick down the sidewalk. .No pun intended! 
SHE hated the gloves. .and the coat. .and the snow pants. AND I asked her twice to pee BEFORE we made all that stuff fit on her.  She did NOT have to go. .now quit asking!! NOT 10 minutes went by and guess who had to pee?? (and I was already ticked off because we had argued about the pants. .and the boots. .and put the gloves on 4 times--and I know all you mom's can relate to the GLOVES!) We have hit the "I know everything and you can't tell me anything stage!!" She even advised me today that if I didn't stop telling her (giving her orders) she wouldn't be my mom anymore!! I swear I have never said that to her! 
So back out in a completely different outfit. .except for the pink gloves--the only pair that weren't knitted ones that would get cold and wet--she played ever so nicely with Grant! 
The boys walked to Granny's pasture across the road to try the boards down the hills 
And fell off into a huge snow drift. .so they weren't gone long.
Did I mention that the wind was blowing. .so the wind chill was REALLY chill!! 
I enjoyed snapping pictures of the kids and the landscape.  One of my favorite things about the spruce trees has been how pretty they look all dressed in snow!
It's now 11 degrees with a wind chill at -5. BRRR! Temperatures won't warm up much for the next few days.  I think they will be spent in my front window watching the birds eat and frolic on the ice!
Thankful for heat. .and an insulated house. .and comfort food!!
Hoping you are all enjoying the same!!


  1. The kids in the neighborhood were out when I came home from
    work yesterday enjoying the snow. I expected a lot of drifting overnight but it doesn't look too bad. Stay warm!!!

  2. What IS it about snow days that are so magical? Love them! It's like a ordinary day, suddenly wiped clean.
    The boys stayed out all afternoon. I enjoyed it from inside. ;)

  3. Great pictures! We're enjoying our snow, too. We've needed the moisture SO badly! And I just love how snow brightens everything up.

  4. When I started reading, I was feeling bad for you and was going to offer up some of our 8+ inches, but it sounds like you got enough to be fun. Eight inches makes it a little hard to walk in so you tire out a lot quicker. K came in complaining his hands were cold because he wouldn't leave his gloves on and ended up falling asleep on the couch before supper. Our kids ended up with snow days yesterday and today. They are going to regret that when they lose two of their days off in April.


  5. Ohhh, yes. We got ALL bundled yesterday AFTER I had asked her three times, "are you SURE you don't have to go to the bathroom?" The very last item went on, I reached to open the door, and she said "Mom, I have to go potty." AAAARRRGGGHHH! So yeah, I feel your pain. :) It's great having boys old enough to handle all that winter gear by themselves, isn't it? Spencer was inspired by the homemade snow boards. I wonder if he'll scrounge around looking for something he can use! Hope y'all are staying warm today. We have a second snow day but it's SO cold, we didn't stay out as much.

  6. Looks like good clean fun to me..the stuff memories are made of. I'm with you on the comfort the crockpot going as we speak.

  7. Yea! Snow angels how fun. I remember doing that when I was a kid.