Saturday, January 22, 2011

Signs of Spring

So, while many of you have been recieving lots of wonderful, wet snow. .
we are getting tiny amounts of dry snow or drizzling ice.  Enough to be a pain and very little fun!
However we are probably also enjoying warmer weather too. Today it topped out at 58 degrees. While Cami was napping, I couldn't resist taking a walk through the yard to see what was going on. 
I found a few things that looked hopeful!
Here's a tiny sprout of Autumn Joy sedum making a comeback from beneath the leaves! 
I was really surprised to see how many of my plants have remained green, even after 3 months of cold and freezing weather.  This snapdragon near the pond is still green at the base. .as are all my other snaps in the various beds.  They are sold as annuals. .but seem to be tender perennials in my area. Many of the shastas, hollyhocks, lambs ear, honeysuckle and butterfly bushes still have green leaves at the ground.   And the butterfly bushes actually have nice, green, tender, pliable leaves all the way to the top of the bush.  Hmmm!
And what have we here??? Yes. .a BLOOMING dandelion at the end of January!
There were actually two blooming in this same spot! Now we KNOW they are indestructible!
Some of the new grape hyacinth bulbs are putting up foliage.  I wasn't able to spot any tulips, daffodils, or hyacinth peeking through, but I expect them to start showing within a few weeks.   
The tomatos continue to grow. .and have probably 20 tomatos in all, with LOTS of blooms.  Several look like they are thinking about turning red. .and they better hurry because I am thinking about frying them up green!
I just can't stand it any longer. .and am planning to sow a flat of perenniels including butterfly weed, red poppy seeds from my friend Becky, purple cone flower, more black eyed susans, and some sweet autumn clematis that my aunt gave me. .the clematis seed have been chilling at the bottom of my refrigerator since Thanksgiving. .and no one has even tried to eat them.  I got my seeds ordered this week. .and will plan on starting the peppers and tomatoes in a couple of weeks too.  My mind has been in overdrive trying to plan the landscaping of the pond and surrounding patches of dirt.  At the risk of sounding crazy. .I am planning on adding a little soil back into the pond at the south edge, held in by rock, in the hopes of it looking more natural with marginal plants planted in SOIL rather than in pots.  I can see it in my head. .just hope I can carry it out in reality. 
We are enjoying the slower days of winter. .by watching a few more movies. .doing a little extra reading. .playing a few more games. .catching up on some projects. .But I still just can't help dreaming of the colors and sounds of spring! Wishing you all a lazy weekend!


  1. It is amazing what continues to grow despite the cold and ice. So nice to see tomatoes! I didn't even get started on my veggie plans last night. I hope all your seeds sprout for you. I don't start seeds indoors because I just don't have the light and warmth for them. I know there are warming trays and light bars but I haven't gone there yet. I am going to plant some seeds I got from my neighbor with the "winter sowing" method. I've seen it on other blogs and am saving my milk jugs for it. I need to do it soon. I noticed seed packets on display at a store in town the other day. I need a little time to go browse the selection. Maybe I'll find something else to winter sow. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. OH OH! I must go out tomorrow and see if my sedums are doing anything yet! I laughed at my parsley today. It's STILL green and pretty, just wilted over. It hasn't died off yet.
    I can't believe you found a dandelion! Let me know if you get any of those poppy seeds to pop. No one else has been able to get anything from them...another reason I am freaky about trying to move them. =(

  3. Boy, you got it bad! Spring fever, that is....I'm not as anxious as you because it means I have to dig out a lot - A LOT - of weeded areas around the house so I can put down a weed mat, put on some healthy dirt instead of this nasty clay, and replant everything. You would probably be up to the challenge, but I am feeling like a big chicken!

  4. Ok I'm convinced that when a nuclear holocaust occurs there will be 2 things alive...roaches and dandelions!! LOL I love seeing your signs of spring...mine are similar here in TN. Hang on, we should have buttercups in 3 or so weeks!!

  5. A dandelion!!! :) Yes, it's fun to start thinking about future plant projects. I've been out of the loop of gardening for so long, I'm having to remind myself to keep on top of my plans. We got seeds the other day, and a "mini greenhouse" flat to start some things, and let sit by the south back porch window. :) Plus, need to do some garden spading.

  6. Hmmm, all I see at my house is SNOW!!! I would welcome the sight of a dandelion at this point. :)