Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year.  Jeremy and I snuck away on New Year's Eve to Wichita. We started out in the morning, but returned home shortly after because of the icy roadways from the freezing drizzle that we had the night before.  But, with ample sunshine, by noon the highways were pretty clear despite continued temperatures in the mid teens. .so we left part of the kids at home and part of them with Granny and took off for the city.
I had an agenda!!
Some of you may remember me talking about the Dave Ramsey financial planning classes that we went to last fall.  At that time, since we were anticipating a huge drop in our income after I went part time, I started diverting money into a system designed to keep funds available for different needs (or in some cases. .wants) I did this primarily to make sure that we had some extra money saved for repairs, vacations, and some restaurant visits. .in case the general fund dipped too low to include any "extras." So, I have been putting money aside for the last 1 1/2 years and finally saved enough to buy an entertainment center that I have been seeing in my dreams!! And with a small bonus from work and a nice gift from my grandma. .I also had enough saved to purchase
THIS. . .
An exciting big screen T.V.
I'm soon to be 38 and have NEVER owned a nice TV.
We had a great time shopping for it. .and the nice salesman threw in a cool Blue Ray player for dirt cheap.
Our lucky day!!
As I dismanteled my Christmas tree on New Year's Day. .I also enjoyed my annual
tradition of watching the Rose Bowl Parade. .
Live. . .on the BIG screen!!
And I'm sure that my hubby, who wasn't completely sold on the idea to start with, wouldn't trade it in after watching a couple of weekend football games on it!!
And the boys were super excited to get the old entertainment stand and TV down in Grant's basement bedroom.
So they could turn it into a game playing man-cave!!
This week finds us back to the grind. .Full force ahead with basketball games and pep band.
The new year also finds me picking up 2 extra family planning clinics per month and 2 new clinics. .so I now serve these needs for 3 counties in Oklahoma. I will continue my other 2 1/2 days of clinics per week. .and I have really been amazed at how busy I can stay on the other 4 1/2 days of the week doing family and volunteer stuff!! The gardening catalogs are coming regularly now. .and I have a good start to my spring order list!! Grant is going to do horticulture as one of his 4-H projects this year. .and I can't tell you how excited I am about that!! I caught some pictures of the greenhouse late last week. .and intend to share some those happenings with you this week. Even though the temperatures have been frigid. .in the single digits several nights, the goldfish are still living and swimming around during the warmth of the day.  The icy pond surface is an ever-present temptation to the kids. .and after days of warning them to stay off the ice. .Grant broke through it yesterday morning before church. .soaking one leg up to mid shin.  Though he and Devin both got repercussions from their dad. .I'm sure that it won't be long before they are at it again. .my boys seem to be fairly slow learners!!
On the radio this morning I heard an interesting piece of advice regarding the new year. .we all make mistakes daily in our lives. .but unless we make changes to do things we have never done. .and read things we have never read. .we will be the same person next year as we were last year!!  Not sure about you all, but I could stand some changing for the better over the next year!!
I'm happy to report that I have only slipped two swear words out since Friday night (and I was REALLY mad both times. .that's a good excuse right? WRONG!) and am thoroughly enjoying some extra reading time. .especially since the extra Christmas activities have ceased!
Any of you girls looking for a good book should check out the one I posted about last week. .For Women Only. .It is VERRRRY enlightening in understanding men. .and their thought processes. .and their needs. .and some of their bizarre behaviors! I am intrigued by it, and occasionally amazed about the perceptiveness of the author. I even found myself identifying parts of the book demonstrated in the movie Bounty Hunter that Jeremy and I watched last night after the kids went to bed (by the way. .a GREAT movie!)
So, here's to wishing you all a great week. .and a SUPER new year. Strive to be better in everything you do!


  1. Nice upgrade on the entertainment center and TV. We watched the Rose Bowl parade while taking down the tree too. Funny. It was best to be inside as much as possible this past weekend. Sounds like January will be busy for you. We're busy making for the garden and together for the house.

  2. Nice entertainment center, i'm happy for you. I imagined you reading that for women only book, and just giggled! I would love to hear your thoughts on that one! DJ

  3. Love the new tv!! Again, I'm not showing Danny! ;) Beautiful entertainment center!
    Been looking through all the seed catalogs! I need to start my wish list! Tristen is in horticulture too this year. It's been a lot of fun to sit and look at stuff with him. Hope the fun continues when it's time to weed!! hehe Already been looking online at organic grasshopper remedies. Those nasty little things are in for a surprise this year! I'm fighting back. ;)

  4. That book you mentioned sounds interesting. Yeah, it's no fun to remain stagnant. Even just a little change of improvement or something new makes you feel better. LOVE your new entertainment center and TV! That will be nice. I had to laugh about the "game-playing man cave" downstairs. :) LOL Will they start requesting their meals to be brought down there? ha ha

  5. Oh, I love the man cave idea for the boys! We tried having a gaming chair downstairs though, and it only lasted a few weeks before it was trashed. Good thing it was a freebie! I'm so impressed with the rewards of your savings. We have been through the Ramsey course and still can't seem to get it together. My only goal this year is to stick to a stupid budget for once. ;)

  6. beautiful entertainment center! I think me and my husband are the only Americans that don't own a flat screen tv! Football games would be nice to watch on it for sure!