Saturday, January 15, 2011

Grant and the Drumline

Grant is a drummer. He loves the drums. LOVES them!! This fall some drummers from the schools got together and formed a drumline on the vision of one of the moms. .for those of you that don't know what that is (I didn't!!). .it's a group of drummers that drum on. .well. . whatever they can find!! Trash cans, pots and pans, garbage can lids, and buckets--basically, anything that will make a noise.  They have been practicing 1-2 times per week since September. .which can be very tiring if you are a parent of a child that cannot drive yet. BUT, they have performed 3 times now, and they are a ball to watch! They accompanied the high school vocal at their Christmas program in an African tribal song.  They have also performed at both a junior high ball game, and last night at the high school Homecoming game.  I'm a little bit of a moron when it comes to video-ing things. .but last night I was able to get a great video of their drumline performance on my Canon.

So, especially for my mom and sister who haven't been able to open last week's performance on facebook. .
Oh, and I dare you not to tap your foot OR shake your head a little when you listen!
Unfortunately. .my video was WAAAAY bigger than blogger allows. .so after some major cutting. .here is a very short clip of the end of the song.  So if you can imagine how the first 2 minutes sounded. .that would be great :-) Sorry mom!!! Enjoy it anyway!!
By the way. .for those of you who aren't used to looking at my kiddo. .he's the one on very end of the line to the right of the screen facing us.


  1. This makes me smile every time I see it! =) Very VERY cool!

  2. That was great!!! Loved it! :)

  3. ROCK ON, Drumline!!! Love it!!!

  4. That was very neat! Wish I was there. Saw a drumline on the Notre Dame campus at midnight a few years ago, and it was awesome. Didn't know what a drumline was before that either. Keep it up, Grant!!

  5. Now, that is all kinds of cool!!!!


  6. Those boys rock! Lots of fun to watch, can't wait to see what's in their future. I got to see some of the Christmas performance before I had to go to the ER, and it was lovely. DJ

  7. It amazes me what these young guys can do! To think that all but one of them is in middle school is so awesome! My kids thought it was cool when we saw them at the m.s. ballgame.

  8. Awesome, glad to know my nephew is so cool!!! We have highschool drumlines here, only they just play their various drums. I always love to listen to them.