Friday, January 28, 2011

Goin' On a Treasure Hunt

I love junk. .nice junk. .crappy old junk. .any kind of junk!! So flea markets are exciting to me!! You can find really nice things. .and really good junk! Good prices, good deals, fun bargaining and bartering and it is ALWAYS different!! It intrigues me the way that things catch your eye and hold your attention.  I love looking at things and trying to envision different ways to use them in decorating or gardening.  Or envisioning how and why they were used in the first place. This past weekend was no different.  My best antiquing buddy and I kidnapped my new neighbor girl (who also happens to love antiques. .and junk) and ran away to Wichita for the day.  I usually do not go with a list of things to check out. .but I did on Sunday.  Soon we will be remodeling our bathroom.  When we were "picking" at my great grandparents homestead several months ago, I took one of the glass paned kitchen cabinet doors.  My notion was to have Jeremy build me a display case using the door as the front.  I planned to put in a lot of bathroom collectibles that I have scavenged onto in my past. .but wanted a few more things to make it look complete.  I can excitedly say that I was able to complete that mission on Sunday!! I won't spoil my future post by telling you what will go in the case. .but I am hoping that I can convince J that building this box should now be a priority!! And that within a few weeks I will be enjoying my new wall art!!
What I would like to share today are a couple of things that I wasn't looking for. .nor would I have considered them things to be high up on my wish (I have been wanting one of these for YEARS) list. .but boy would I have been wrong to have left them there!!
This huge crock was Mary's big purchase from the flea market!! The price was incredibly low for what they normally sell for. .probably because it weighs like 2 tons and I'm sure they just didn't want to load it up and take it home again!!  As she was preparing to pay them for it. .they told her they would even throw in this smaller one. . .
for $10!! You can do lots of stuff with crocks. .so when she asked if either of us were interested in that deal. .I didn't hesitate.  It looks right at home on the top of my entertainment center across from a slightly larger crock that I got from my grandparents!!
As for Mary's huge crock in the first picture. .she needed a little stopping off place for it before she could get it home. .I'm thinking that I might tell her I broke it. .pay her for it. .and continue to enjoy it in MY living room :-)

After the flea market, we headed to west Wichita and visited the two antique malls on Highway 54. .Flying Moose on the south side of the highway. .and Paramount on the north side.  Oh my gosh!! We hit the jackpot!! We stopped at Paramount last. It took us about 2 hours to get through it the first time. .and I think we could easily have started over a second time and still not REALLY have seen everything.  I found my best treasure on the first row of that mall. .and tried talking myself out of it for the next 1 1/2 hours!! But I couldn't shake the images of it. .and by the time we were ready to leave. .I had it mentally placed in my room AND decorated!!
And though I changed it's final location slightly within my bedroom. .
this little mission style child's desk is quite at home in MY home!
After 16 years of marriage and all the things that go with that. .it has seemed that both of our "decorating styles" (if possibly he HAS a decorating style) have settled on mission style furniture. It has been the one type of style that we both agree look cool.  I suppose that this little table struck me because I so rarely have seen mission style anything.  I knew that it would be perfect in my bedroom
I would SO love to put my old kerosene lamp on the top. .but with the speed that people move through our house. .I decided that the lamp is best left on something VERY sturdy.  Instead I decided on Jeremy's worn bible (that he traded out for another one), some old spectacles from his grandma's family, the red vase that got replaced from the entertainment center by the crock, and an old photo of my mom in her first communion dress. 
Perhaps the most interesting part of this piece to me is the round swiveling "tray" on the left hand side. It was marked on the tag as a lamp stand?  I plan to try to google the desk and see if I can find more information. .but if anyone out there happens to know anything about a desk like this. .I'd love to hear more.

We certainly had a great time looking at the antiques and collectibles. .admiring. .contemplating. .learning!! And if any one lives near Wichita and enjoys this hobby. .I urge you to stop by. .but PLEASE don't be in a hurry!! I'll also tell you that Paramount's biggest sale of the year will be March 12-13. .when they will be taking 10-30% off store wide. .and the owners will be IN-STORE. .wheeling and dealing!! Wishing I could go back. .but it probably won't happen! Hope someone can take advantage of the sales. .and if you go. .be sure to let me know. .There were a couple of other little things I'd LOVE to own :-)
Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend!


  1. I love the mission style desk. I especially love the round lamp stand on it! That part is so cool. It's been so long since I've been to an indoor flea market. I don't even know where I could find one. I do love thrift stores and yard sales for decorating my home. It is fun to think of the possibilities when you find certain pieces!

  2. Thanks for confirming the antique store locations. They are favorites of mine, & I have found treasures in both places. I especially enjoy the memories that come racing into mind as I roam the Paramount location. Grandma's kitchen utensils displayed in a booth, etc. Love the big crocks that you found. Hope I can work out a trip to the city for the big sale weekend! FUN!

  3. The desk is awesome. I love the crocks too. Those big ones are heavy!

  4. I LOVE the desk!! And I love those crocks.
    Can't wait to see you bathroom unveiling. ;)
    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the wonderful weather!

  5. Nice finds! I love flea markets, yard sales, thrift stores and antique stores. It's always part of our travelling to stop at those. I look for jadeite glassware, spaghetti poodles and such. Can't wait to see your bathroom all put together and decor-ed.

  6. We are a big mission style furniture couple too! I don't know if Jeremy was at first, but he soon came around to my way of thinking!! So naturally, I adore that little desk. I always say I want to stop at the flea market and antique malls, but I think I need to just make a dedicated trip like you, because you got some great stuff. Can't wait to see the bathroom.

  7. I am so jealous! I would have loved to go along with you on your antique quest. Sounds like fun and besides there isn't any in my area. I too love mission style furniture and homes. My grand parents had a few pieces of furniture that I remember when I was a kid. That is all gone now. :( I do have a couple of crocks that I've managed to hold on to. Love it!

  8. I love that desk and the way you decorated it. Gardening, baking, interior decorating, what don't you do well? :)


  9. Very nice desk - I like it! LOL about the lamp, concerning the fast-moving people in your house! Exactly why I have my 3 lamps in high places, out of the way!