Monday, January 31, 2011

Only in Kansas

Only in Kansas. . .
can you find a forecast like this one. .
As I checked the weather on Friday. .you can imagine my shock!!
And yes. .
Our systems are rightfully shocked today!!
We REALLY enjoyed the 70 degree weather.
I watered lots of plants, shrubs, and trees.
The kids played on the swings and trampoline.
D and I made a 2 mile bike ride (and I have bruised butt cheeks to prove it)
Jeremy and Tristan participated in a coyote calling contest on Saturday.
I left my house windows OPEN for hours Friday and Saturday afternoons!
We even went to our friends Tim and Shelly's and shot our bows yesterday. .when the high was 36. Thankfully it felt warmer because of the sunshine and lack of wind!
And today. . .
I have hurried like mother mouse to make sure that everything is in order in case of a snowstorm!!
The ball games have been cancelled for tonight.
And now I have to fix supper.
By the way. .they have lowered the high for tomorrow to 9!!
Only in Kansas!!
Stay warm!!


  1. I'm feeling a little jealous of that 70 and 63. We only made it up to upper 50s on Friday and 40s on Saturday. Yesterday was awful and now it is freezing drizzle. We still have snow left from the last storm and are supposed to be getting 12 more inches. Ok, off my soap box. :)

  2. A went from shorts and boots on Saturday to many, many layers this morning!

  3. Ha ha! Funny weather. My family is in Missouri and they are expecting "The" big snow tomorrow. Here in NC the high was 47. Thanks for the supportive commitments you made about my stairs. I bet you have a lovely old home. I really love older homes. Although they can be hard to heat.

  4. Hi Melanie, thanks for the nice comment. I was thinking about a child trade. I have a daughter who would probably love to come and shoot her bow with you. She goes through serious withdrwal in the winter because it is way to cold to be out with her's. The only drawback would be that I am not sure you son would like to do her chores at 7am in the cold weather we have been having.

  5. Wow! I have never seen a forecast like that before! That is incredible! We haven't been lucky enough to have any highs like that here! We got a little ice this morning but then it warmed up and it has been raining all day long!

  6. Oh, yeah. Lovely weather here today. This was the second snow day for the kids, and they've already cancelled it for tomorrow! Bummer of it all is that the wind chill is 23 below and the winds are blowing at 30 mph! Not very fun to play in. :P

  7. Isn't it amazing how the bottom can drop out just like that? We had gorgeous days, too. SO OFTEN I've seen it be super-nice in January and February, and look out, a bad cold spell or storm usually follows!

  8. I find your comparison to a "Mother Mouse" quite humorous given your pure hatred for them! DJ

  9. Melanie, I know you've been under the weather...I hope you're feeling better!! Take care!