Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wood Floor Makeover

Switching project gears, J finally got the wood floor refinished in the small hallway between the bedrooms and bathroom. It had carpet there. We decided when we recarpeted the front room that we would just finish the wood floor under the carpet. HAHAHAHAHA!!

You see J running the smallish sander to even out the existing wood floor. Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to us, there had been a door (or something) in that teeny tiny hallway at one time. They took it out and put new lumber to cover where the threshhold had been. There was also joint compound smushed in between boards and uneven spots. J sanded for about 20 minutes before deciding that it was ALL comin' out!
Look at the width of that subflooring--that's the whole reason that this house is 97 years old!! And it was hit by a tornado in the 30's!! They don't build 'em like they used to! (but isn't that the strangest little hallway you have ever seen?? I was looking out from Cami's room--and I can see 4 doorways in that tiny amount of space!)

J wants to put down hard wood flooring in the bathroom when we remodel it next fall (not sure why, but he does, so I didn't argue--so often he doesn't have an opinion, and this time he did, so we're going with it!!) So he shopped around online and found that Lumber Liquidators had the yellow pine that the rest of our hardwood floors were crafted out of. He ordered enough for the both the hallway and the bathroom. About a month ago, he got the floor laid down. The staining process took a couple weeks, because our supplier was out of supply! Then for some reason, we only had one wood threshhold thing (that holds the carpet down and makes a pretty transition). Then when we got the second one, we moved it from place to place in the house until he finally got it stained and put in place! He finished it completely this past week! YAY!!
I think it turned out great!! And will be nicer to clean puke off of than the carpet when someone doesn't quite make it to the bathroom! Mission accomplished!


  1. It looks great! I don't know how you all find time for so many projects - you must have superpowers. (In which case I am very glad to know you...)

  2. I could use your super powers at my house... I have a HUGE mental list of projects I would like to complete...Jeremy {my Jeremy} has no idea of the things I have up my sleeve. And he is NO help at home improvements! I think your floor looks fantastic and I would put wood floors throughout my entire house if I could get by with it!

  3. Looks good! Is J about to the bottom of your gigantic wish list yet? :)


  4. Ummm. .rocks. .totally done; Yard. .ummm. .yup, pretty much done with him there; house. . hmmm. .seems like just the bathroom left. . fathering children. .TOTALLY done with him for that task. WOW. . After 15 years of marriage and 12 in this house. . .what WILL we talk about if he doesn't have any more projects for me to complete??? I hope we don't have to send him to counseling. Can you see me doing my happy dance about no more major projects??? (except, of course for the bathroom!!) Actually, that almost makes me kinda sad--too bad you live so far away, I could start on your wish list:-)

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  6. Mel and Kristi,
    By looking at the time of your post,why are you up at such crazy hours? Get some sleep!
    Mel, could that hallway have actually been a walk through closet? You had a doorway from the bathroom into Cam's room also. My grandparents had a closet like that- you could access it from two bedrooms and walk from one to the other.