Monday, April 5, 2010

Leftover Easter Eggs??

Got a few of these things still lying around?? Here's what we do with our leftover Easter eggs!!
Warning: DON'T try this if the eggs were left out too long during the hide and seeking process--you might get sick!
Bacon 'n' Egg Sandwiches

Spread a layer of sour cream or mayo on one side of 4 pieces of bread. Top each piece of bread with a slice of cheese (we use American slices), 1/2-1 hard boiled egg-sliced into 1/4 inch slices, and 2 bacon strips (cooked and drained), and some chopped green onion if you have some. Top with another piece of bread. Butter the outside of the sandwich and cook in a large skillet (we use our George Foreman grill) until brown on both sides. Makes 4 sandwiches, but obviously very easily adaptable!
This time I used some sourdough bread that our tiny grocery store carried! We think that sourdough makes THE best grilled sandwiches--cheese, ham and cheese, or bacon/egg--the firmness of the bread composition just works better--that being said--these sandwiches are nearly as good using wheat or white bread!
Even the kids like 'em! Bon appetit'!

I just couldn't resist! Aren't they CUTE!
He may never grow up!


  1. That sounds really good. May have to use our leftover eggs for that some night this week. As for J, I'm sure he will never grow up. :)


  2. This looks good! Making my stomach growl. LOL

  3. I love this idea! When Steve has a big day at school I make him eat eggs/cheese/meat for breakfast. I will have to try this on my guys.

  4. YUM!! I might have to try this, even though we had no leftover Easter eggs this year! We seem to always have eggs! ;-)