Saturday, April 3, 2010

High Hopes

Does anyone else ever find themselves in the middle of a project gone wrong??

I mean, how TERRIBLY difficult should it be to decorate a few cookies with the kids??
To get everyone in the spirit.
I suppose it was MY fault for getting out the little decorator tubes that we NEVER use

So they certainly MAY have been a little distracted because of the novelty of using them


Just a little creativity, just a little design, just a LITTLE dab of

frosting in one place at a time, that's ALL I asked!

The saddest thing??? Those are Tristan's craftsmanship
UUMMM--He's 13. . . and a half
Here's me and D's--I managed to salvage a few of them
with some extra lines and dots
(the smiley face, carrot nosed creature was already too far gone)
There are just SOME things that should be done by oneself. .
Especially when the project is dessert for company on Easter.
Sorry Becky!! I'm sure they'll TASTE wonderful!


  1. Oh, my .... those are ... interesting! But I'll bet they DO taste good. :)

  2. But they sure were tasty!! Thanks for a great afternoon! I think your salad was amazing, btw! (Well, all of the food was, but I've been trying to think of everything I need to grow so I can make the salad here at home. hehe)

  3. I have issues with letting the kids help decorate cookies or cupcakes. My kids have an addiction to's out of control. It takes all the willpower I can muster to turn them loose with the decorating. And I almost always save a few to do myself, that look "pretty". I have to remind myself it is more about the experience and the memories than the looks, but still I cringe!!

  4. You are braver than I am. My poor deprived children would love to decorate cookies. I bet they tasted good anyway.


  5. with decorated sugar cookies the look of them never matters, it's the taste that counts. I love sugar cookies! Good for you to let you kids take over the decorating, I was always too much of a control freak to let my kids have fun. Poor children!