Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring, Swings, and a Silly Sweetie

It seems hard to believe that it is already well into April. The weather has been super windy here--so windy that I am not even enticed to go out for long. Many things are blooming around here. The redbud tree--after being here for 12 seasons, finally looks like a little tree. Looks as though the 3 crabapple trees are going to bloom (above picture of the buds)--we missed it last year due to the blizzard. The Barlett Pear tree, the peach tree, and the forsythia bush are also flowering. Cami has been a swinging fool this week, which has given me lots of opportunities to look across the landscape and decide which spots could use more spring color. I have a notion that I need a couple more of the beautiful yellow forsythia bushes. It also appears that the lilac bushes will be loaded with blossoms soon. Many tulips have and are continuing to bloom, as well as the purple masses of creeping phlox. I have been able to tally a lot of what has lived and what has died. Most of my Russian garden is coming up, and all of the little inferno strip garden I planted last fall has survived. The generic double peony mix that I planted a couple seasons ago are up and have buds growing. One of the rose bushes that I transplanted has died, and possibly a couple of grasses. The onions are faring well in the garden so far, and many of the beets and Swiss chard plants are up. The replanted tomato and pepper plants have also been successful this time. Today I repotted some tomato plants as well as some flower seeds that I started. I do brave the horrible wind each day to go on a walkabout through the yard to see what is coming out from its slumber. Spring amazes me with the many changes that occur on a daily basis!!

The boys have been battling the wind at track practice and meets. Tristan is working on the discus and high jump as well as some relays. Seems Grant may be a runner, and is determined that he will win the 400 meter run next week. I have yet to make it to a meet (In my defense, they have only had 2), but it won't be long before my schedule catches up with theirs.

J played hookie late this afternoon as he, Grant and Dev took off for the races. For those of you that don't know him, he has a '69 nova that he fixed up and turned into a race car--and LOVES taking it to various places around Kansas to race it. He came home with winner's money once, but the smile it brings to his face is usually all we see here! Anyway, they are gone for the night--testing and tuning the car, and then the big race is tomorrow. Tris is spending the night with a friend, so that just left me and Sister here. It is so quiet and peaceful (almost--if you can ignore the wind clanging something around outside)

We didn't have any trouble deciding what to do!

Swingin' . . .

Singin'. . .(everything she knew, and if she didn't know it, she made it up)

Swimmin'. . .

Scrubbin' (still singin' --scrub a dub dub, scrub a dub dub,

scrub a dub dub dub dub dub dub-song courtesy of some

Nick Jr. character)

And after we finish Sleeping, we are headed to do some

Shopping tomorrow with Granny in the city to buy

new Sandals, Swim Suits and Summer clothes.

Sweet Dreams!


  1. I've never seen such a swing crazy kid! That's all she wants to do when she is outside with us!
    Ordered my plants from High Country Gardens. Can't wait to get it! My "Tizzy" plants (Another GREAT company!!) came yesterday, and I also made it over to Protection Plants today. I've got my fix for the moment! ;-)

  2. I am so excited to hear about all the things coming up in your garden! You gotta post a picture of those peonies when they bloom - they are one of my favorites. I know what you mean about that wind. Holy Cow! The small trees in my front yard are in a constant state of leaning, even when the wind dies down!