Friday, April 23, 2010

Run, Run, Run

Whew!! A few free minutes to take a breath. I'm not sure where the time is going, but we have just been flitting from one activity to the next lately. The last few weeks have been full of working, track meets, music programs, church activities, school events, and some extracurriculars. It seems as the end of school is wrapping up, we are in super high gear!! Besides all that, spring has sprung and it seems that I am so behind on all my regular planting activities!! Usually, I have stuff in the ground, praying for no late surprises. This year, I have very little planted and wondering if I will even have anything in by May 1!!
D had his music program last week. It was a cowboy theme and was very cute!! The big boys are working hard in their track events. I was able to rearrange my patient load last Thursday afternoon, so unexpectedly got to attend my first track meet this year. T does high jump and discus, which are first thing in the meet and G runs the medley relay which is the absolute last event of the day!! Track was always my favorite sport, so it is fun for me to watch the kids. . .even if it takes forever! J and the younger kids went with us yesterday. We were waiting on some storms to hit, and it sprinkled off and on through the beginning of the meet. Right before the medley relay, the entire sky lit up without any real warning. Man, you should have seen the people jumping off the bleachers and heading for their cars!! It was nearly comical, until we realized that D was missing. A bunch of little kids had been playing in the trees right beside our bleachers. When everyone started running, D ran straight to the car, without stopping to see if we were still there waiting for him. We ran through the trees (tons of us) yelling for him and called him over the PA system. Finally after an eternity, G ran from the car to tell us he was there. Poor guy, cried half the way home because he didn't know what he should have done, so he did what he thought he ought to, and went to wait at the car!

Tonight was the junior high awards banquet. Yummy potlucks!! The best thing about that is having your supper dishes done before you eat supper and coming home to a clean kitchen. The boys both worked hard today cleaning up the house, while I cooked and cooked for tonight and for a baby shower I am helping with tomorrow.

We are finishing up both kids club and junior high youth group at church. Next weekend we are holding a movie night for the youth group, and will finish up both groups with a cookout in a couple weeks. We did a purity lecture this past week for the junior high group. This was the first time that I had talked about the subject with a group this young, who really didn't know much. It was fun and refreshing!! Several moms sat in on the lecture--and they made me more nervous than anyone!! The girls listened and asked some questions. The preparation of that ate up a lot of my free time this week!

I have gotten all my rocks set in place. But between work, cold, driving wind, and storms this week, I have gotten nothing planted. The next good day to plant according to the farmer's almanac is Monday--so by gosh and by golly--I will be ready!!

The weekend is already full before it gets here! The older boys are sleeping over with a friend of theirs tomorrow night, and so D will have one sleep over with him. C and I have a ton of yard prep to do before Monday gets here. J is planning on taking D fishing or to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie tomorrow night while I practice music for Sunday morning worship. Sunday will find us at church and then T and I at the track practicing his high jump. Next week starts the first of several field trips by the kids. Both boys got their reading goals met and are anticipating the "mystery trip" as a reward for that in a few weeks. They truly don't know where they will go, they just get on the bus with their lunch and head out!

So that is the new and latest in this busy family's life! I'd like to think that it will slow down, but I know it won't. Peolple say that this kind of stuff keeps you young, but I'm starting to think that this is what makes you old??!


  1. Spring is a busy time of year with the school events and home life. Sounds like you are doing good and keeping up....
    Glad everything worked out and you were able to attend the track meet last Thursday. I finally got to attend one of Anthonys yesterday,the wind was terrible...but I enjoyed it and was glad I got to attend. It was his last regular season track meet and the first one for me to attend this year. :(
    This senior year is going by way to fast...
    Hope you get to plant on Monday.... Can't wait to see everything in bloom...
    Have a great weekend

  2. I thought our life was hectic, my goodness. Hope you get your stuff planted today. It is cold and windy here. YUCK!