Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We Interrupt the Recipe Posts. .For Life!

Who is up for a little mish mash post??
Yeah. .
Me too!
We had about a week of regular scheduling after vacation and the fair. .
That allowed us a little fun time. .
And a chance to photograph the gardens!
My friend Tif owns her own art studio. .
I am NOT artistic especially. .
But I have discovered that I LOVE painting on canvas!!
I have painted a collection of different sized cross canvases. .
as well as a three canvas rainbow tree.
My last adventure. .
included birds. .
And I have gotten them hung up over our bed.
The window was from my great-grandparent's homestead place. .
My friend Missy drank some wine with me while we used her Cricket to cut out the letters.
I LOVE the way the whole conglomeration turned out!!
Granny got a little older last week. .
And we celebrated with a party!
Cami was glad to help her open all the gifts!
Everyone was back into work schedules. .
Cami had a dentist appointment way out of town that allowed us some water park and shopping time too. .
we are hoping that those 2 front teeth will show up by the next appointment in 6 months!
Kids are now enrolled for school which starts in about 11 days. .
Senior pictures have been scheduled. .
Some of us have celebrated a BIG anniversary. .
You'll have to stop back by to see what we did!
We had some dates with our beloved preacher and wife before they moved to their next mission field.
And we felt our first earthquake. .
Ya know. .
just routine things!!
Needless to say. .
the garden has been a little neglected. .
Praise GOD for the cooler temperatures and abundant rain he has provided!!
Aren't the yellow/purple daylilies LUSCIOUS?!?
Daylilies are my new big plan around here!! Hoping to plant a few more varieties!
I have loved these tremendously!!
There are plenty of weeds with the plenty of water. .
Seems to go hand in hand!
The Karly Rose grass that has been transplanted twice has taken off. .
I think that I will divide it this fall.
Also loving the black jack sedum in the front of it.
Another shot of the same grass. .
The tiger eye sumac is in the front and the yellow daylily can be seen in the far back with a cluster of morning glories. .
This little garden is taking off too.
I am liking the small seed heads on the tall grass in the back. .
Though I can't remember what it is called.
Also my salvia and goldenrod are doing well!
Wish I could get that salvia to spread like it did at its original home on Sherlock Street!
Just couldn't resist another photo of the coneflowers!
They look especially nice with the numerous Swallowtail butterflies that are humming around here!
Speaking of coneflower. .
Here is a double white one hiding among the moonflower foliage!
And a double purple. .
Razzmatazz variety I think!
My 99 cent canna bulbs are coming up. I LOVE this orange Mexican zinnia. .
I need to collect these seeds for sure!! Also the blue fescue is growing well. .
And it should make a reappearance next year!
I have joked since we moved here 16 years ago. .
That SOME day. .
I would have a huge fence to block the dead vehicle view. .
The dead car lot spells EYESORE. .
or SALARY. .
depending on WHOSE eyes you look through!
I have since decided that a living fence would be the way to go. .
You can see. .
That when I move from the back door down to reclining chairs on the patio. .
That I can almost NOT see all the non-functional cars and trucks!
And when I sink a little lower. .
It won't be long until it is all hidden from sight!!
Woo hoo!
The potatoes were all dug out of this nearest bed a few weeks ago..
They are YUMMY!!
The chickens are ravishing the rest of the beds!!
I think we will get to eat the tomatoes that are too high for them to reach. .
But the melons and spaghetti squash are hot items for the beaked creatures. .
And they are even picking off bell peppers and gnawing little holes in them too!!
They are gonna get left in the pens for a few days. .
In hopes that we can come up with a temporary fencing option that will keep them OUT!
Grr. .
Chicken soup. .Chicken dumplings. .FRIED chicken. .
Call ahead for the menu of the day :-)
So. .that is about it. .
All the family and garden news I have. .
We had over 2 inches of rain here over the last 24 hours. .
And the weather station promises UNBELIEVABLE temperatures in the 80's around here. .
We'll take that for the beginning of August!!
Hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend!!
Be back soon!


  1. Gorgeous pics as usual. And Happy Birthday to Granny as well.

    I gotta side with you on the "car lot"....let's hope the greenery has some continued good growth.

  2. Mish mash posts are the best. Loved seeing how everything is growing at your place! Looks great! (And don't we ALL have some eyesore we have to creatively photograph around, or plant things and hope they grow quickly as a "screen"? :)

    Was that the earthquake from Oklahoma a few nights ago between 9:30 and 10? We felt that one! We were watching a movie downstairs and thought the surround sound was just REALLY vibrating, but then the movie quieted down and the floor was still "rolling." Wild! In Kansas. Almost as wild as our 73 high temp yesterday! LOVING it!

  3. The paintings are beautiful! So nice with the window. The saying is great too.
    Sounds busy as usual. You felt an earthquake! Crazy but I want to feel one someday. Although, it worries me that there are so many no in OK and Southern KS.
    You have many flowers. I need to take some just flower photos soon. Give the salvia a little time to take some space!
    The living fence needs to get just a little taller or buy lower chairs!
    We missed out on the last moisture push. Ran out before getting this far north. Cooler though which we love.