Wednesday, July 16, 2014

There's NO place. .like the lake!

So. .
We survived our vacation. .
We moved it up a little bit this year. .
So that Jeremy and I could take an anniversary trip to Boston later this summer.
The weather was just a little cooler than we are used to. .
You may recall that I am a fair weather water lover. .
And the water was WAY colder than urine temperature!!
Needless to say. .
this swimmer stayed dry for much of the trip!
We left on July 4th. .
Unfortunately, on July 3rd, Devin got stung by a wasp on the bridge of his nose. .
Resulting in BOTH his eyes swelling completely shut by Thursday night.
Friday morning found me running him to town to get a steroid shot and some oral steroids to take with us. .
He could finally see by Saturday evening. .
But his eyes weren't back to normal until the next Tuesday!
If it's going to happen. .
It's going to happen to him!!
We did the usual. .
Surfing. .
Skiing. .
Snoozing. .
Swimming. .
And a NEW "S" word. .
One of my favorite activities. .
Is just looking through the lens of my camera. .
I LOVE this picture of my kids. .
All four of them!!
Devin. .
Was always posing for my camera. .
And is pretty much just a little hot shot!!
He demonstrated that he could surf WITHOUT using the rope to hold him in to the wake. .
long enough to do his own dancing!!
Cami started out the week with her old standby. .
lying on the surf board and being dragged around. .
BUT. .
her dad had other ideas for her. .
And did some smooth talking. .
and convinced her that she needed to try and surf herself. .
She was able to stand up briefly. .
and if you look closely. .
you will see Jeremy's hand holding the rope in front of her as he helped her to get up!
He decided that she is just too light with no muscle to be able to stand up herself. .
So into town they went to the boat shop. .
And came home with some beginner skis. .
As you can see. .
She was able to do by herself!!
She skiied really well for her first time. .
but decided it was just too fast. .
And she was done!
Her dad can't WAIT to take her out to the lake at home and get her goin again!
I thought that I should include this photo of me. .
Since it appears like I can do tricks too. .
I can't. .
Like NONE. .
Jeremy just happened to catch me as I was about to wipe out. .
Fun times!!
Nasal enemas with lake water are just not comparable to ANYTHING that I can think of!
Everyone had their fill of the water. .
Well. .
maybe with the exception of this one!
And THIS one. .
He got to play on the water one evening after it had rained all day. .
without arguing about whose turn it was or how long they had been AT their turn. .
Thats. .
because it was FREEZING!!
I had a sweatshirt AND a towel around me as we watched. .
The cold didn't bother the two little ones. .
In fact, they were a little put out that no one else would get in the lake with them!
We got home in time to celebrate Tristan's 18th birthday. .
And get our exhibits for the county fair finished up. .
Judging is today. .
And with any luck. .
I hope to pass along some good recipes for you to try out over the next few weeks!!
So as the sun goes down on this post. .
I hope you will stop back by soon and see the non-water related portions of our vacation!
Wishing all my friends and family here good luck at the fair this week. .
And all my friends and family out in cyber world. .
A very BLESSED middle of the summer!!


  1. Nose enemas? LOL
    Sorry. But I did SNORT with laughter on that one.
    Can you adopt me? I can be like an older aunt or something....cuz it looks like so much fun to be in your family!!

  2. I so enjoy vicariously, the Dunn lifestyle!! Glad you got to have time away...

  3. Glad you guys had a good time. I thought about you several times wondering how the weather was.


  4. Looks like a lot of fun but I'm with you on the cold water. Brr. Your photos are great.