Monday, July 21, 2014

Whew. .What a Schedule!!

Lesson learned. .
Take a vacation the week before the fair!!
Boy was I out of sync all week!!
One should allow an entire week to resume a normal schedule. .
BEFORE one tries to power through another not normal schedule. .
This crew came for a weekend visit at the end of our wild week. .
And we enjoyed every minute of that!!
My baby brother Nick and his family spent Friday through Sunday running around with us!
We enjoyed a tour through Alabaster Caverns. .
one of our favorite places!
Which included some hiking and critter sightings!
Cami advised me that THIS was her favorite adventure of the weekend!
She also loved playing with her cousins. .
And trying to pick up this big ole guy and kiss on him as much as he would let her!!
A woman never wants to hear shrieking coming from the bathroom when company is present. .
Especially if she is to find mile high bubbles everywhere and two panicking girls who can't find the "off'" switch on the air tub!!
There was lots of trampoline activity. .
That even sucked in the  more mature crowds. .
And I suspect. .
That Santa may be dropping one out of his sleigh for the old guy next Christmas!
I LOVE taking photos. .
And got to do some family pictures for them while they were here. .
This guy. .
And this young lady. .
Were the easiest ones to work with!!
This was the man-li-est photo that we could get of Teegan!
He was not too impressed with the whole deal!
And THIS guy. .wouldn't smile and look at me at the same time. .
It was one or the other!!
We did get fairly tickled at them though. .
When it got past the annoyance stage, right Steph??
It was a little like photographing an ant den. .
but they were quicker than ants!!
Much quicker!
There were plenty of photos that got trashed. .
But enough that showed the kids' personalities. .
That I think our mission was accomplished!!
Uh, speaking of personalities. .
I've never seen this expression on my brother's face. .
And I hope I never see it again!!
That, friends. .
Is pure evilness!!
They were headed to frog hunt!!
Also pretty sure my daughter won't be signing up to ride with him again anytime soon!!
Sorry Uncle Nick. .
She was totally traumatized!
Speakin of her and trauma??
A little trampoline trauma. .
netted another missing tooth!!
Isn't she just the cutest little jack-o-lantern ya ever saw??
Oh, by the way. .
The fair went great. .
Stop back by sometime for some of the purple ribbon recipes we'll be sharin soon!
Have a GREAT week!


  1. That IS a jack-o-lantern smile-LOL!

  2. We survived!!! Love that smile!!!

  3. Looks like a great visit and you did a good job on all the photos!

  4. Oh my goodness this made me laugh!! I will have to admit we see that "evil" look of Nick's more often than you think! My kids sure do look sweet when the are not running a million miles an hour. Thanks for a fun filled and memorable weekend!