Monday, July 14, 2014

It's Finally Happened!

This is how I feel. .
having an EIGHTEEN year old child!!
In fact. .
He makes most of us crazy. .
MOST of the time!
Who else gets to spend a week at the lake. .
and then celebrate a big day the rest of the weekend?
Homemade raspberry filled cupcakes. .
Special attention at church. .
Friends for lunch and pistol shooting. .
birthday cake with his PICTURE printed on the top (courtesy of Grandma Pat). .
Homemade cookie dough ice cream. .
His favorite part??
Getting carded during his SUCCESSFUL attempt to buy. .
Sorry Grandma. .
I tried!!
If it helps. .
he hasn't smoked them!!
And reports that he just wanted to BUY them!
You know. .
Because he COULD!
Some sweet little thing. .
Wished ME. .
a happy 18th year of being a MOM!!
And unfortunately. .
the gray hair that STARTED with this kid. .
will likely not END with this kid!!
Happy birthday bubba!
We love ya!
Come back soon to check out some of our favorite vacation photos!!


  1. A great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY is sent from over here in Bournemouth to there!

  2. OMG--such a handsome child and he sounds like a real good guy. You did a great job with that one. Happy Birthday to him--and a happy 18 year anniversary being a mom to you!
    Hugs and best wishes

  3. That's quite a milestone! It only gets better from here! :) Congrats and happy birthday to him!

  4. Love the picture of you two... the one at the end, not the beginning of your post. :) Hope Tristan had a great birthday!!


  5. Congratulations to you and your young man! The years fly by....