Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Favorite Picture Parade

Well. .
I know at least a few of you have been waiting for this post. .
It’s my FAVORITE vacation photos!!
Some of them are silly. .
And some are sweet. .
And at least one. .
Will just make you roll your eyes!!
I’m taking a poll. .
Which photo will be YOUR favorite??
This is a Stick Up!!
The Backboat boys. .
Just rockin!
The love between a father and his daughter!
Sweet, sweet summertime.
I’m. .
 too sexy for my nose plug. .
By the way. .
One of his best smiling photographs of all time!!
Sad, really!!
Candid Cameras. .
I’m too sexy for my brother. .
Who, by the way, is landing a really niiiiccccceee jump in the background!
Things that just make you go. .
Hmmmm. .
(PS. .He was NOT in trouble!)
I get up. .
And nothing gets me down. .
(lyrics to Jump by Van Halen, for those of you wondering)
(we actually had to tell her not to sing so loud. .
because we thought she was screaming at us to stop. .
Turns out. .
She just liked the song!
We should have known though. .
Cause her universal signal to stop is her hand held up, palm facing out. .
With an angelic expression on her face. .
For real!)
Never. .
Gonna. .
Catch me!
Look ma. .
No hands!!
Just kiddin. .
He really was using his hands!!
Thanks for humoring my bizarre mood. .
But. .
I am curious. .
Which photo was YOUR favorite??
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


  1. Too hard to pick a favorite. Sure looks like fun though. Where were you?????????

  2. I like the smiling Jeremy.
    He usually looks so serious in your photos---which I can't imagine ---being married to perky you!
    Loved them all.

  3. My fav is the one of Cami with her brother doing the nice jump in the background. Something about it just makes me smile!

  4. I missed this post for some reason! I love the picture of Cami on the board. So serious! ;)

  5. Love between a father and his daughter.... A girl needs her daddy's love!

  6. Enjoyed 'em all, but the "Backboat Boys" was crazy. LOL :D