Friday, August 2, 2013

MMMMM. .Breakfast!

You made it to the last recipe post of Fair Season!
This one has been working on Angel Food cakes!!
And he did a great job. .
After he learned to quit beating it like a man. .
And fold in the ingredients LIGHTLY. .
With a SOFT hand!
Well enough. .
 to take a Reserve Grand Champion in the 3rd level. .
He got to make it and have it auctioned off at the livestock auction. .
So he was happy indeed. .
However. .
The recipe that I wanted to share was NOT his angel food cake recipe. .
But the delicious breakfast ring he fashioned!
He has done some version of cinnamon rolls the last two years.
But this year. .
He did a Russian braid. .
And twisted it into a tea ring. .
Which I thought was pretty cool!!
We only learned about Russian braids last year, after reading about them in a cookbook.
A person makes a log of dough and filling, just as they would for cinnamon rolls.
Instead of cutting off rolls. .
You cut through the dough lengthwise. .
And lay the cut ends facing up. .
side by side.
Then you twist them together!
You can see each layer of the rolled log after it was formed into the ring.
I just LOVE the look of the ring!
For the fair, he did two rings out of the dough recipe, instead of one large one.
They were smaller. .and easier to eat.
Plus, we got to try it out before it went! 
It makes an excellent breakfast with a little yogurt!!
One more little fair-judge tip. .
Use bread flour, even if it doesn't specify. .
And spoon the flour into the measure instead of scooping it with the cup. .
It will put less flour in, and make it moister!!
Enjoy your weekend!!
Hoping to be back soon with some vacation photos!!

Maple Pecan Breakfast Ring
Basic Sweet Dough:
                                                                     1 cups milk
                                                             1 /2 stick butter (1/4 cup)
                                                                    ¼ cup sugar
                                                                      1 tsp salt
                                                           1 package yeast (2½ tsp)
                                                                   ¼ cup warm water
                                                            1 egg, slightly beaten
                                                                  4-5 cups flour
                                                       ½ cup softened butter
                                                  1 cup finely chopped pecans
                                                           1/2 cup sugar
                                                       1/2 cup brown sugar
                                                    6Tbsp pure maple syrup
                                                     1 tsp maple flavoring
                                                  2 Tbsp softened butter
                                                1½ cups powdered sugar
                                                        ¼ tsp vanilla
                                                     ¼ tsp maple flavor
Enough water or milk to achieve desired consistency

In a large microwave safe bowl, heat the milk, butter, sugar and salt until the butter is just about all melted.  2. Stir to melt the rest of the butter. 3. Cool slightly. 4. In a mixing bowl, combine the warm water and yeast until bubbly.  5. Add the egg to the milk mixture and then add to the yeast. 6.  Either with a dough hook attachment on a heavy duty mixer or with brute strength of your arm and spoon, add the flour and knead 5-10 minutes (on a floured surface if doing by hand).  7. Cover in a bowl and let rise one hour until doubled. 
For Maple Pecan Breakfast Ring:
Punch down and roll out to a large rectangle (20 inches long). Spread softened butter all over to edges.
Combine remaining filling ingredients and sprinkle evenly all over. Roll up, jelly roll style. Cut roll in half lengthwise and turn the cut sides up, next to each other. Prepare a spring-form and grease the outside a ramekin, too. Place the ramekin in the center of the round pan. Twist the two halves of the cut dough and gently pick it up and place it in the prepared pan to form a ring. Pinch the ends together. Cover and let rise 30 minutes. Bake in a 375 preheated oven for 35-40 minutes or until golden brown (remember ovens vary). Remove from oven and let cool in pan. Make glaze by stirring softened butter into powdered sugar Combine the flavorings and a little water (to keep color uniform and prevent brown streaks in the glaze) and add to the sugar/butter mixture. Stir until smooth. Add more water if necessary until you get the consistency you like. Pour glaze over the top. Serve warm or at room temperature.


  1. That looks absolutely delicious...but the recipe has the left hand side cut off accidentally, leaving off many of the amounts needed. Any chance of reposting the recipe? This looks like one I'd definitely like to try!

  2. That looks really delicious and I can't wait to try it! I had my kids helping me in the kitchen last night and it is one of the biggest joys for me! They even helped with the dishes, willingly???!!!! I'll probably find out today what it is they want ;)

  3. Ooohh! That looks delicious. I suppose it would dry up if you sent me one? :)

  4. Yum. That ring looks great. I never thought about how that was done before. Good tip on not scooping the flour with the measuring cup. Heard about that at a Taste of Home Cooking Show and it makes sense.

    I see what Gaia means about the recipe. Not sure we'd get the amounts right.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. That Russian ring looks to die for! Oh I would so eat that for breakfast! I want to try to make this.