Friday, August 9, 2013

Grand Lake. .Part Two

 One might think that 7 days of hanging out on a boat all day would just get boring!!
I think that too!!
So thankfully. .
We don't do that!
We usually sleep in a little in the morning. .
Jeremy until 6:30 or so. .
The rest of a little later ;-)
And then hang around in the morning. .
Watching the screen. .
Playing games. .video or otherwise. .
or just reading and hanging out watching the world (that's mostly just MY down time). .
My planned nature outing this trip was a visit to a Grove highlight. .

Lendonwood Gardens. .
These two wanted to come along too. .

We wandered along through the shady gardens!

There was lots to look at. .

And photograph!

They even had a few water features hidden deep within the gardens!

It was an enjoyable morning for me. .
And a bit of a tortuous one for them. .
Especially when the next stop was a highlighted antique store!!
But. .
They DID voluntarily sign up for the excursion!!
EVEN knowing about the antiquing!

And these two were NOT disappointed to have missed it!!
Their loss!
It's no secret that I LOVE birding of any kind. .
and after 4 summers of water birds. .
I still LOVE to see them and watch their behavior!
These beautiful Great Egrets are very common lake sights!!
They are often spotted at the water's edge fishing. We also saw them in flight and swooping the water for their breakfast!
I finally had Jeremy stop this year so I could take a picture of these cattle egrets. .
They are the funniest sight to see. .
And the first water bird we usually see on our way to the lake.
They seem to think they are part cow or horse. .
Because that is where they feed. .
Right alongside the large animals!!
They actually follow these large animals (and even tractors) to eat the insects that they stir up!
They just strike me as a comical constrast. .
And it always leaves me smiling!
Last year we saw lots of hummingbirds come to the feeders. .
This year. .
just a handful came to feed.
BUT, I enjoyed all the songs and up close views of the cardinals that were around.
I bring my binoculars with me. .
And can be spotted in either yard scoping the movement in the trees. .
or following a call that I don't recognize until I track it down. .
or lose it. .
Whichever happens first!!
Of course, one of my very favorites are the Great Blue Herons. .
And I was excited that we were able to get so close to this one. .
But still not as close as these little blue damselflies that landed on my legs!!
It always amazes me at how MANY of these little creatures. .
other dragonflies and winged creature alike. .
 can be found right in the middle of such a huge body of water!!
I was glad to be able to provide a little flight respite for them!!
Once in a while we'll spot a solitary duck or goose swimming around on the water. .
Jeremy spotted this mama duck swimming with all her babies!!
I was whining so about wanting to get her picture. .
That he finally turned the boat around and floated as close to her as we could get without making her super nervous!
Not close enough for a good picture. .
But close enough to appreciate how stinking cute all these little ducklings were!!

And of course. .
The afternoons were still filled with water sporting. .

And water play. .
Or horse play. .
Whatever you might consider it!!

The kids took some photos too. .
But they are not very patient. .
And a couple of bad pictures and they are calling quits!
Our last few days at the lake. .
found my sister and her family visiting.
They are NOT lake people. .
And so it was fun to watch them all try out the various water sports!
The kids really enjoyed swimming off the boat dock. .
as well as just off the boat!!
Chris was able to get up on both the wakeboard. .
And the surfboard. .
But preferred the surfboard because it is so much easier on your body!

Kristi hadn't skied in 20 year or so. .
But it didn't take her very many tries to get it figured out again. .
She was coerced into trying the surfboard later in the day. .
And she was able to get up. .
Even if just for a brief few seconds!!
Unfortunately, it rained Friday night. .
And was really cool Saturday morning. .
So we took a little ride in the pickup over to the marina to see the fancy boats. .
We also spotted this little friend. .
Who only wandered so close to us before running when we started going his way!!
It rained again A-L-L day Sunday. .
so we hung out in the morning and they left right after lunch!
We were disappointed not to be able to take them over to the gas station with the trampolines. .
or show them the HUGE houses. .
Even the huge houses like the one above. .
Aren't immune from wild animals dumping in their yards!!
But. .
Regardless of the weather. .
We were sooo glad that they gave up their weekend to come and spend it with us.
And I'm pretty sure that we wore them out!!
Come back soon for the parade of my very favorite photos from the week!!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I wondered who the extra boy in your early photos belonged to. Looks like a fun time. Love your bird photos too. The surf board does look fun.

    Came by to show my hubby your lake fun and there were more pictures!! Have a great day.

  2. The egrets always make me smile too when I see them out in the pastures. Those big cows don't seem to bother them at all and the cows seem to have accepted their company.

    The ducklings are just precious! I think I would have forced my Jeremy to just float and watch them for quite awhile...of course I am a sucker for baby anything :)

    I can't wait to see the pics that made the favorites list!

  3. We all had a great time and I finally got over my soreness from being yanked behind the boat so you could take pictures. :) Thanks for inviting us!!