Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Win-some Weekend

This was going to be our big annual camping trip. .
It didn’t work out like we had planned. .
And we ended up with a free weekend instead!
With 80 degree temperature slated. .
The boys thought racing would be a fun day trip. . 
With the races being close to my friend. .
And since our planned trip to visit her last May was foiled by the stomach flu!!
It seemed like the PERFECT opportunity to me!!
We enjoyed the quickest house and garden tour Cami would allow us. .
All while Devin talked the ear off her wonderful husband!!
But we enjoyed lingering over lunch at a Mexican restaurant that I hadn’t eaten at in over 20 years!!
Devin was my photographer. .
And he got distracted from our pictures. .
To taking some of his own photos of her garden!!
It was a fun side trip for a short impromptu visit before heading to watch the boys race!
And with skies and good ole Kansas color like this. .
And delicious temperatures. .
We couldn’t have gone wrong!
The old cars that are there are always fun to watch. .
At least for a little while. .
And this race found some fancy cars to watch!!
And a few fast flying, loud motorcycles!
My boys were sure that I had jinxed them. .
As they BOTH had ROTTEN days. .
But not any worse than any other racer. .
As far as a novice like me could tell. .
Red lit. .
And broke out. .
Were heard frequently from the announcer describing various racers. .
And you don’t really want to do either of those things!!
Tristan’s car even flooded out during the race. .
And they had to push him back off the track!
So even though there were no wins taken home from the track. .
We enjoyed the company of friends and our family. .
Enjoyed God’s beauty in His creation. .
And still made it to bed by midnight. .
AFTER I manually threw 19 baby chickens into their coop. .
AFTER I caught them first. .
Long story!!
Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Devin made my vincas look lush! So fun our quick garden tour. WH keeps telling me things the two of them talked about that day. The cars look cool even if they didn't perform as well as hoped. Gotta hear about the chickens! I'm picturing you running around in the dark with flash lights trying to round them all up and worse trying to count a flock of chickens that will not hold still so you can make sure they're all in.

  2. How fun to meet up with a blog friend! My blog "friends" probably don't even know they are my friends, lol!

    The races look fun, even though there wasn't any winning. At least the weather was nice!