Monday, August 12, 2013

It Really Happened!!

With my last two children. .
I got to enjoy about 4 months of 1/2 day per week all to myself!!
Then another baby showed up. .
And consumed my time again.
But today!!
Marks the first of MANY. .
FULL days. .
This girl. .
Was so nervous yesterday. .
That her tummy hurt!!
AND. .
Saturday evening. .
She was bit on the forehead by something. .
I think a spider. 
This morning her eye is nearly swollen shut!!
I THOUGHT we were going to have a MAJOR meltdown about how "ugly" it was. .
And I didn't DARE laugh at her crazy antics of pulling the eye open with her fingers, or getting as wide eyed as possible while examining herself in the mirror!
I told her that if she was a pretty girl on the inside. .
That no one would care that her eye looked crazy!
It must have worked. .
Cause as she followed me out of her room. .
She said in a pouty voice. .
"When I smile, I look like an Oaf"!
And then, she stated in a more positive tone. .
"But at least I can wink now"!!
And all was good!
Of course. .
Par for our course. .
I was only able to get one decent shot of the kids. .
Without someone pulling something silly!! 
So. .
We have. .
Junior. .
Sophomore. .
5th grade. .
And Kindergarten (full day) 
And. .
After everyone left the house by 7:30. .
I had enjoyed several cups of coffee. .
Took photos in my garden. .
Went for a 3 mile walk/jog. .
Enjoyed my husbands company for a few minutes in the shop. .
Pulled 2 weeds. .
And uploaded my photos to keep you all current with our happenings!!
You can tell by the car lot. .
That some people will have to work hard today. .
But THIS girl??
Let's see!!
I could refer to the growing list in my mind. .
of ALL the projects that I want/need to complete in my spare time??
Nah. .
But I better decide fast. .
Because school is out by 1 today!
I'll have a plan by my NEXT full day without kids in 2 weeks!!
Come back soon. .
I have some fun photos from our weekend. .
A flower show for you. .
And I STILL haven't showed you my favorite vacation shots. .
Not shown anywhere before!!
Happy Monday Friends!!


  1. Oh ow!!! Poor girl! I hope everyone has a great first day back! I am sad summer is over..=(...but am shocked at the things I have already got done this morning! That morning time can be pretty amazing!!!
    Missing Cami today. Easton asked when Socorro and Cami would be getting here! Will take us some getting used to!

  2. Sounds like everyone got off to the first day of school in good fashion. Mom included. Hey, two less weeds! Funny. Pretty good looking group of kids there.

  3. What a horrible time for a bite on the face...right before the first day of Kindergarten!! Poor girl. I bet she had a WONDERFUL day with Mrs. Jackson though...and was probably as tired as my kiddos, even though it was a short school day. Not really looking forward to the meltdown tonight :)