Monday, July 2, 2012

What we do in the Sticks When there is NO Reprieve in the Temperatures!!

It's summer. .
and it's HOT. .
but we're outside people. .
so how do you make that work??
You strip down to the necessities only!!
You scope around to locate things to repurpose. .this old stock tank (that I have been toying about burying for another water feature for years) is now our hillbilly swimming pool!!
You look for somewhere shady to lounge. .
. .or sit as close to the cool, shaded cement as you can. .
Washing vehicles on the scorched piece of grass that used to be lawn is another way to keep cool. .AND be productive!!
The big boys were enjoying the water at the lake at a farewell party. .
But, it was too windy for us. .
And frankly. .our small lake is just TOO busy on the weekends for our enjoyment anyway!!
Our community swimming pool is closed for the ENTIRE summer so they can work on a long over-due renovation. .
 When I got home after a day trip to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday. .
I discovered that the crew here fixed two problems. .
Boredom. .AND
staying cool!!
When all else fails. .
If you can't beat 'em. .
Here's to hoping you all are staying cool!!


  1. Danny and Jacob went out of town Friday to get Jakes glasses ordered..and came home with a swimming pool. I was a bit miffed at first, but we sure are enjoying it!
    Your chickens are looking nice! Bet it won't be long until you get that first egg!!

  2. The very finest summer I ever had involved a kiddy pool and my then boyfriend/now-husband. I think we practically LIVED in it that year. Sometimes, hot summers ARE a good thing...........

    My grandson also enjoys a good dip in a stocktank. He'll be here in August and I can't wait!

    So, did YOU go for a dip in the "pool" too?
    Looks like the kids are really enjoying it.

  3. HAHA!! Sue. .I forgot to mention that I DID go for a "dip," I dipped in up to my knees..and then quickly retreated before I got full on wet from the splashing. .my kind of pool enjoyment only takes place when the water is the temperature of urine :-) Becky. .hope you are right about those eggs, we're ready! We ended up with TWO roosters. .and I hear them practicing their crowing when I make my morning walk. .sounds like my teenage boys singing in the shower ;-)

  4. Your hillbilly pond looks wonderfully refreshing. Sometimes procrastination pays off!

  5. Kids. Country. Stock tank swimming pool. All looks normal to me! Trying not to melt here too.

  6. I love your hillbilly pool! That is awesome! I would be happy with that!

  7. Lol! That is exactly what my sister and I used when we were growing up in Missouri. Great memories! Thanks for sharing!