Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Double Birthday Party

Last week we did LOTS of partying!!
We enjoyed the company of friends while listening to a talented young man sing for several hours July 3rd. .
And of course, there was July 4th. .
Saturday evening we met up again and celebrated our two early July birthdays.
We were glad to see our family from the McPherson area. .and not just because he brought his vehicle completely LOADED with explosives!!
Does this kid look like he just ate the canary!! As many parachutes as one small child can carry!! Granny always buys plenty of these because. .
1. they are fun. .
2. everyone likes to chase them down. .
even if they aren't always the ones who catch them.
There are always plenty to pass around and share. .
Cause the little army guys that float down from the sky on the parachutes are COOL!
There was a lot of organizing of the explosives that had to be done before it got dark. .
And lots of fireworks that didn't need the dark to be fun. .
These two were enjoying some high flying spinners. .that occasionally spun themselves in locations that were not expected!!
Grandma outdid herself on the cakes!! Two golf cakes for the family golfers!! Are those not adorable!!
Someone is going to be Sweet SIXTEEN!!
They only paused for a moment to eat cake and ice cream. .
because there were things to be blown up. .
And that certainly takes precedence!!
Papa took a chair, far enough back to be out of the way of mis-firing explosives. .
and enjoyed the show!
Granddad did the same. .Don't you love Granny's perienniel hibiscus plants in the background?? Blooms as big as plates!! Seriously!
Even princesses enjoy starting things ablaze. .even though hers didn't pop. .they just smoked! Though it was dark and I couldn't see for SURE. .I believe her dad actually took her to light some of the big ones. .
Missed me, missed me. . .
We have lemon cake in the freezer. .as well as leftover Fresh Peach Ice cream (made my yours truly). .and look forward to birthday partying yet to come! The official school calendar arrived in the mail this week. .and so now it really feels like the countdown on summer break has started!
It's nearly the weekend. .
Hang in there!


  1. I was just thinking this morning that summer is HALF OVER already. Isn't that unreal? It just started.....
    Birthday well wishes!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. Wish I could make it for the birthday partying yet to come, as I love lemon cake and peach ice cream!!! Give T a hug and wish him a very happy bday tomorrow from us!!


  3. Tristan....16!! Not sure that is really possible. Hope he has a fantastic birthday!


  4. wow, lots of fireworks and cakes!! looks like a lot of fun! your son that is holding the cake is so handsome! probably has lots of girls trying to call him! LOL!

  5. Cute cakes!! I can't believe Tristan is 16!

  6. SIXTEEN!?! He's HUGE!! Spencer's fifteen in a couple more months. YIKES, Mel! Our babies....