Monday, July 16, 2012

Sweet Sixteen. . .

The day came. .
and went.
Amazing what 15 years of growth to the baby picture above has turned into!!
Of course, there were gifts. .
and a little sister that was more than happy to help him see what they were!
 A beautiful, breathless day spent at the lake with his dad and some of his buddies. .
boating. .skiing. .wakeboarding. .
kneeboarding. .tubing. .
snacking. .swimming. .
and burying people in the sand. .
You know. .everything that goes along with a day at the lake!

Tristan is very fond of the huge chocolate chip cookies that are all decorated up with icing. Because we don't live down the street from a large grocery store or bakery (an hour away. .to be exact) those cookies can be hard to come by at the right time. I've figured out that they can be duplicated at home fairly easily.
 I made a rectangle this time, but have also used my round pizza stones. I bought a large tube of chocolate chip cookie dough (we DO have that in our stores) and cut it into rounds, smashing them together with my fingers.
Bake at 350 for about 18-20 minutes, or until golden brown. Another 1/2 tube of dough would have made it a little thicker, which would have been more consistent with the store boughten ones. Or you can easily just make a smaller cookie. It really started out as a true rectangle. .but someone kept coming by and thieving dough off the corner before I could get it in the oven! That ever happen at your house?? I used the whipped buttercream frosting I posted about the other day to decorate it. YUM!
A cake decorator I am NOT. .and as I was messing around with different tips. .I ended up with the two blue lines. .not even sure WHAT I was doing. .then I had to decide what I could make them into. The best I could come up with was putting an eyeball on their tops. .and a green star that looked like a stocking cap. .and gave them a wake board (or whatever). The guys didn't say much. .just gave me crossways looks like I'd gone crazy. My defense was that it was LATE at night!!
Anywho. .
The countdown is on for our vacation. .and we couldn't be more ready. .
BUT. .
we must first survive the annual County Fair this week. .
and a half dozen other obstacles between now and then. .
It's hot. .and we need rain. .
but the kids are still growing. .the flowers are still blooming. .the garden is producing. .
and life marches on!!
We ARE so blessed!!
Have a superb week!


  1. Um, yea. That's an "interesting" decoration. LOL!
    Looks like such a fun day. Lakes are ALWAYS a good idea in this heat.

  2. Water skiing, managed to get up and stay up on my first go. Tubing...thought I was going to die! Would I do it all again....Yeah!!!
    It looks like you guys had a great day, and with some proper man time for your son as well, very important. As for the cookie Melanie, it does look very tasty, but the blue lines...lololol...tired indeed, or was there vino involved? My two girls used to enjoy burying me in the sand, now one is thinking about marriage, and the other is married with two kids....where does the time go eh? A lovely post.

  3. Yum-O. Baking stoneware is great for that.
    Sounds like all is doing well at your place.
    I clean the patio door, no rain. I washed the car, no rain. The truck is on the list next. Sigh.
    Have fun at the fair.

  4. Happy Birthday to Tristan! Wow! 16! I'm pretty sure this may be the fair that does us in!

  5. I'm glad you explained the blue lines, because I had no idea what they were. :)


  6. you made me laugh about the decorating of the! it looks soooo delish one would care about the extra frosting!

  7. Hi Mel! I'm not sure what made me think of you today, but I realized that I haven't checked out your blog for quite some time. Glad to see all the fun you are having with your beautiful family. I have a great recipe for cookie cake. Will have to send it to you. Love ya!